The result of the investigation that sleep, learning and work time decreases with "eviction effect" as it spends online is revealed

ByMatt Gibson

Check e-mail as soon as you get up in the morning, check the latest news on your smartphone during commuting and commuting, shoot lunch on the net while replying while watching SNS such as Facebook · Twitter ... Instead of being unable to think about living without living, there are many cases where the net is completely centered. However, because the time of the day is limited, it turns out that there is something that has been "kicked out" by the newly entered "net".

Here's how the Internet hurts your sleep schedule, productivity and personal life

National Institute of Economic ResearchClassification survey on usage of time announced byAmerican Time Use SurveyScott Wallsten, a senior researcher at the Tech Policy Institute who analyzed ATUS, discovered the "eviction effect" due to the existence of the Internet. People are going to spend more time on "online entertainment" and they are depriving of the time spent on other activities.

According to the statistics, every time we spend 10 minutes on the net, the following time was taken away.

· Entertainment other than the Internet:2.9 minutes
· Working time:2.7 minutes(For those in their 30s3.75 minutesDecrease)
· Personal care including sleep:1.2 minutes
· Travel:1 minute
· Household chores:42 seconds
· Learning:36 seconds

Among them, entertainment is further classified as follows.
· Non-online social activities:32.4 seconds
· Relaxing etc.:24 seconds
·party:9.6 seconds
· Culture activities, public activities:6 seconds

The above numbers may not be too big. But this is the InternetEvery 10 minutes useThe point that time lost to is important. Given that average time spent on the net in a day by a general person is 100 minutes on average, 27 minutes of work time, 29 minutes of entertainment time, and 12 minutes of sleep are lost in one day It means that.

The profit lost by spending time on this one action is in economic termsopportunity costSince it is affected by a wide range of fields such as economics and education, numerous attempts have been made by numerous people. If this is applied, there is a loss of 134 billion dollars (about 13 trillion yen) in work reduction of work by the Internet, the result that the time spent by children at school will be three minutes shorter every 10 minutes of the net is highlighted I will.

However, as Wallsten himself points out, the scale of this opportunity cost can not be obtained simply by simply accumulating net usage time. For example, opportunity cost by multitasking such as "check tweets while writing articles" is not taken into consideration, and it is also true that it has not kept up with the diversifying work style.

Also, even if the time of work is deprived, it is not concluded that the amount of work done has decreased. There is a possibility that the work itself is becoming more efficient than before. And, as a result of spending time on the net, socialization with people has decreased · As to the point that they are deprived, things like online relationship are not taken into consideration yet.

In the future, the further the net progresses, the more the lifestyle changes accordingly, but it is still unknown what kind of difference will come out between those who are able to keep up with rapid changes and those who can not keep up with.

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