It is estimated that an automatic driving car reduces the cost of 43 trillion yen per year and 90% of injured people

As next-generation technology, we can operate fully automaticSelf driving car"Is being developed by automobile manufacturers all over the world. Not only automobile manufacturersIT companies like Google join the development competitionAlthough a convenient world is getting in there soon, there is a trial calculation that self-driving cars can reduce the number of people involved in traffic accidents by 90%, and that even in the US alone, it can cost huge amounts of about 43 trillion yen economically It is being done.

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Self-driving cars could save $ 450 bn a year and 90% injuries says thinktank - SlashGear

American independent think tankEno Center"Automatic driving cars (self driving cars) that can be driven without the driver grasping the steering wheels spread, casualties and injuries in road accidents and streets are reduced by 90% and annually to the US economy $ 450 billion 43 trillion yen) announced a report that economic cost reduction can be realized.

Eno Center claims that many lives will be saved if 93% of traffic accidents that are currently occurring on the streets are caused by mistakes in human driving, so if the driver does not grasp the steering wheel. More than 40% of serious crash accidents in the United States are caused by human mistakes such as lack of attention attributable to drunk driving, drugs, fatigue, etc. In contrast to self-driving cars that worry None at all. Furthermore, human factors such as inattentive driving, reckless driving, and excessive speed, which are the causes of other accidents, are not related to self-driving cars programmed not to violate road traffic rules.

In addition, self-driving cars have a faster reaction rate than humans, so the flow of traffic is made smoother, fuel consumption is improved, exhaust gas can be drastically reduced, and the advantages of self-driving cars are mentioned.

According to the calculation of the Eno center, if self-driving cars spread to 10% of the whole car, traffic accidents and injured people can be reduced by 50%, if self-driving cars account for 90% of the total, 90% accident It is to eliminate. Also, if 10% of the self-driving car spreads, there will be an economic gain of 25 billion dollars (about 2.4 trillion yen), if a self-driving car is almost completely adopted $ 45 billion (about 43 trillion yen) It is said that cost reduction can be realized.

Furthermore, with the spread of self-driving cars, it is expected that the form of ownership of automobiles will change from one car to one household and one household, from about nine to 13 people and multiple households, There is also the expectation that the problem of shortage of parking space will also be solved. Nissan Motor's research and development chief engineer who promotes the development of self driving cars said, "Self driving cars can be just" on-demand taxis "for young drivers who have little experience in driving, elderly drivers, and unlicensed people Self - driving cars can issue orders from smartphones. " However, as on-demand taxis spread, there is a possibility that taxi and truck drivers will be kicked out of the economic society, and when people use self-driving cars instead of foot, there is a negative health impact It has been pointed out.

However, technological and legislative problems left for such a large turnaround to self-driving car society are piled up. Self-driving cars still under development are faced with safety concerns, prices are still high and availability is not good. Also, regulations on self-driving cars are different from state to state, and it is expected that the development of common legislation will be confused. Furthermore, when accidents caused by self-driving cars occur, it is not clear who is responsible for it and the insurance system is not well developed.

However, the merit of reducing the accident caused by this new vehicle, eliminating congestion, conserving energy, and reducing the environmental burden caused by exhaust gas is to consider the potential of dramatically changing the circumstances surrounding automobiles around the world , Many obstacle factors are expected to be overcome sooner or later.

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