A car in India is not a vehicle but a weapon, 1.5 million people died in 10 years What is wrong with India's traffic situation?

byAlex Graves

In India, one person in 3 minutes, 17 people per hour, people died due to a traffic accident, and in the past 10 years the traffic accident killed 1.5 million people. NPO / NGO organizations and technology companies are collaborating to make improvements in order to break down the worst traffic condition that 80% of road users feel "dangerous".

1.5 million dead in a decade: Just what is wrong with India's roads and vehicles? - Quartz

In September 2017, three boys raced a car on a highway in the city called India's Hooser, one of whom died. In the rain, boys ran at 150 km / h on a road not lighted because of electricity accrual. One of the three boys thrust into the railroad on the highway and the car that bounced off the railings thrust into the obstacle at the end of the road at a tremendous speed. The boy 's head was cut off because it was out of the window of the car. Also, another car collided with the truck across the median strip, but fortunately it was slightly wounded. Although the third car also got into the median strip but it seems to have stopped, but the shocking news that a 17-year-old boy is cut off his neckGreat report in India.

Although the above accidents are terrible even in India where there are many traffic accidents, the highway of Hosuer which continues to the big city Bangalore where the boys accident happened is called "highway to hell" and about 9.2 km, 32 people in half a year on the 4 lane roadI'm putting out the dead. Bangalore in the vicinity of the Hoar is the fifth most populous city in India, but the number of traffic accidents is also the third highest in India and one traffic accident in 99 minutes is occurring.

84% of Indian traffic accidents are caused by drivers' mistakes, 66% of which are said to be speeding. Also 78% do not wear seat belts, 46% of motorcycle drivers are not wearing helmets. It is also known that 80% of the people who use the road feel "dangerous" about the use of roads due to the poor traffic manners.

byMat McDermott

Indian NPO / NGO organization preaching traffic safetySaveLIFE FoundationSaid a is Piyush Tewari's is the founder, the poor of India's traffic situation is technology that is required is limited to that related to mechanics in the acquisition of the license, to be because the "safe driving" is not sought It is. "If you cross the hands of untrained people, cars will become weapons." Tewari's cousin also died in a traffic accident and after his cousin 's death Tewari abandoned the way to build her own property and is dedicated to traffic safety in India. Since it was founded in February 2008, we have carried out training for the private sector, banned trucks overloading, etc. We have produced many achievements, and have won numerous awards as well. Tewari says he calls Indian traffic accident "pandemic". As of 2017, the SaveLIFE Foundation is aiming to pass the bill for safe driving as one of the goals.

Tewari says that an inefficient system is used by India's Road Transport Bureau nationwide for bribery. According to the report of 2007, the cargo industry is bribing nearly 3.4 billion yen annually, and it is reported that 45% of the bribes are paid by the police to the Ministry of Road Transportation for 43% or more. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify inexperienced drivers first, then liquidate the bribes received by officials. At Indian local rural Passport Bureau, outsourcing many of his duties to Tesla, it seems that technology has been introduced, bribery has been reduced, and discretion is limited so that it functions relatively efficiently, The Road Transportation Bureau also needs such reforms.

Unlike the Passport Bureau, which is the jurisdiction of the central government, the Road Transport Authority is the jurisdiction of the province, so it is relatively easy to get into reform, and if one state reviews the Road Transport Authority it is seen that other states will conform to that I will. If you can apply for a driver's license or submit materials from the application using technology, or if you can acquire skills of safe driving using a simulator, the situation may improve.

byAlex Graves

IndiaBrasília declarationPromised to reduce traffic accidents by 2020 and how it will work in the remaining 3 years is drawing attention. Yudhvir Singh Malik of the Ministry of Road Transport says "There is a big problem before our eyes" about thisTalked about.

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