New York City Police take a movie and take a picture of the running cyclist will be released on the net

An event "Critical Mass" that runs on a road with a large number of bicycles for the purpose of protesting against the fact that urban roads are occupied by automobiles and having the public's eyes on environmental issues. It is an event that is taking place all over the world, but in the critical mass done in New York, a photographer who stood on the road shoots off a bicycle running away.

Details are as below.Gothamist: Video of Cop Assaulting Cyclist at Critical Mass Ride

A movie to catch up and throw away a bicycle trying to avoid policemen. Because it is running, it is struck by the sidewalk with considerable momentum.
YouTube - Critical Mass Bicyclist Assaulted by NYPD

Rookie cop in hot water after video shows him slamming biker

Christopher Long (29) of the defeated cyclist tried to rise, a testimony has been made that a newcomer Patrick Pogan policeman and another policeman who tore away the bicycle tackled and pressed the ground against the ground and handcuffed. Fortunately there was no serious injury to Mr. Long, but after having been held for 26 hours, attempted assault, arrested obstruction and crime disturbed the moral were imposed.

"The policeman suddenly took a look at Mr. Long, thrusting him out of the bicycle and started a body check, I could not believe what's going on in front of us," said cyclist cycling behind Mr. Long .

Gothamist: NYPD Investigates Cop Videotaped Throwing Cyclist Off Bike

Police officer Pogan said that because Mr. Long came straight towards himself, he also said he was wounded and injured his arm. During the investigation on this matter, Pogan police badges and guns are said to be picked up. Mr. Long's lawyer is showing a complaint that "the movie is talking about", but the father of Pogan police officer who is a former New York City police and currently in a cooperative terrorism mobile unit makes remarks to protect his son , It is unclear how the judgment will come out.

There are people who participate in the event in a festive mood and there seems to be a problem with safety, but even those who control it may be overly sensitive.

Collisions caused by critical masses are not limited to policemen and bicycles, they seem to be cars and bicycles, and cars are shooting in San Francisco starting from about 1 minute and 2 seconds by depressing the bicycle.
YouTube - Mom Violence at Critical Mass

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