The state of the policeman who calls out to the automatic driving car 'Stop!'

A video of a police officer calling out to Waymo's self-driving car 'Stop!'

'No! You stay!' Cops, firefighters bewildered as driverless cars behave badly - Mission Local

This was witnessed at the scene of the fire that occurred in San Francisco's Sunset District. Since the body camera image of the police officer is open to the public, you can check why such a thing happened.

Police officer warning automatic driving car - YouTube

According to body camera recordings, this event occurred on February 9, 2023. Multiple police cars are dispatched, and a water hose crosses the center of the screen.

A camera-equipped officer pulled a flare from the back of the car.

'No! You stay!' Rather than being angry, his voice sounds like he's disciplined his dog.

Then, put a smoke cylinder in front of the automatic driving car.

It seems that the self-driving car is accidentally prevented from moving forward, and it seems that multiple police officers are concerned about the self-driving car.

On the way, it was also recorded that they were chatting lightly with passers-by, saying, 'Cyberdyne! Awakening of Skynet!'

It seems that self-driving cars are still difficult to deal with such unforeseen situations.

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