Amazon Japan launched Kindle's new service "Kindle serialization" e-book service from today on October 25

On October 25, 2013, Amazon Japan Corporation, a Japanese corporation of, held a press conference on Kindle's new service. GIGAZINE editorial staff actually went to the site and made real-time updates as to what kind of service will be announced. Kindle serialization: Kindle store

The head office building of Amazon Japan Co. was in Meguro.

The entrance looks like this.

The logo of Amazon is gleaming.

· 2013/10/25 13:25
Documents distributed at the press conference venue


The letters of "Kindle serial" are ... .... "Kindle serialization" will start service from October 25 today. A serial novel and a new episode of a comic can be enjoyed to the last with one purchase. Purchase is done once, after that, the latest episode is delivered and will be delivered from the first time even during serialization. Mariko Hayashi, Taiyo Fujii, omichika, Suzuki miso etc will appear in the series.

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A press conference starts with officials from Amazon Japan

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As for the mechanism of the Kindle series, once you purchase a series, you can read the series without having to purchase every episode delivered. We will notify you by email about the delivery of new episodes. New episodes are added automatically at the end of the most recent episode, even if purchased from the middle of serialization, it is possible to read from the first episode to the latest episode.

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Kindle serialization will be available from 18 titles including Mr. Eiji Yoshikawa's masterpiece "Miyamoto Musashi" which can be enjoyed for free. The titles are as follows.

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Novel · essay

Title: "Introduction to Beauty Part 12"
Author: Mariko Hayashi

Title: "UNDERGROUND MARKET Hysterian Case"
Author: Taiyo Fujii

Title: "Adulterous Pure Love Beautiful Witch Wife"
Author: Fuyuki Shindo

Title: "1 + 1 = Namida"
Author: zopp

Title: "Nanabun no Ichi"
Author: Kinoshita Hideo

Title: "Akeldama - Akeldama -"
Author: Kei Fumi Tanaka

Title: "Lost Seap Court"
Author: Fumi Nakamura

Title: "Magnetic pole inversion"
Author: Iyo Shinbun

Title: "Miyamoto Musashi"
Author: Eiji Yoshikawa


Title: "Landreaall: 23"
Author: Okagikachi

Title: "Fumoi Yokocho Chopstick: 20"
Author: Miyamoto Fukusuke

Title: "Mass gumi"
Author: Miso Suzuki

Title: "Tokyo Toy Box 0"
Author: Yume

Title: "Roses' ladies and scandals"
Author: Hara Chieko; Carol Mortimer


Title: How to enhance the dialogue skill to do well with "that person"
Author: Tatsuo Kitagawa

Title: Toshiya Takahashi's remodeling one stupid daughter collection 1999-2013
Author: Toshiya Takahashi

Title: Foreign nationals who have witnessed Japan (Newsweek Japan version Kindle series feature)
Author: Newsweek Japanese edition department

Title: Educational Evolution Theory "Learning" Revolution for Children's Future
Author: Asahi Newspaper

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Taiyo Fujii appeared and talked about a new service "Kindle serialization".

Taiyo Fujii
It is an honor to be selected as the first series of services of Amazon Japan's Kindle series. I was surprised to see the format of the first Kindle series presented first. Because freedom, anyway it was free. There was no specified number of pages per episode, I thought that I could freely make stories. About 50 ordinary novels, we will be able to make something about 1 volume of contemporary drama, about 100 volumes of story overall.

As a reader, not as a participating writer, it was good that you have several pieces. From the Kindle serial series of Amazon Japan, I was also surprised that not only one publisher but also a number of publishers prepared digital bone work.

· 2013/10/25 14: 42
Q & A session started

· 2013/10/25 14: 57
Mobile Watch Ota:
Is the work completed at the beginning of the series? What kind of response is planned in the case of serial abortion on the way? Also, in the case of putting out as a book after completion, is there a correction response etc?

Amazon Japan (A):
We have purchased "completed" works, so we will respond with refund at all. As a contract with the author, we do not mind repairing.

IT media NISO:
How do you select a work?

I would like to add titles so that it will be around 20 titles at any time, starting from 18 works (possibly graduating). Of course, I would like to expand services in the future.

About proofreading efforts?

I will not do it. I will leave it to the publisher.

Are Kindle books and Kindle series serialized?

Yes. Kindle serialized book is sold as a single book after completion of series. It will be out of the serial section.

As for the serialization, will you only serialize things with publishers? Are there plans to release to individuals?

Because there are about 20 frames that are not limited only to publishers. However, for the moment there is no schedule for individual series.

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