Stylish & Lightweight & Rugged Skateboard with Resin "Hi-Tech Composite Skateboards"

3D glassingBy using a special technique called lightweight, durable · skateboard that made waterproof specification usable even in the rainHydroflexCompany's skateboard. Normally skateboards are made of wood, but in the case of Hydroflex, high densityFoam PlasticIs poured into the resin, so it looks stylish and it has become compatible with design and practicality.

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Hydroflex - Hi - Tech Composite Skateboards by Hydroflex Technology - Kickstarter

You can see the details of the product of Hydroflex's skateboard and how it actually uses from the following movies.

A man who is making a surfboard.

Women walking there are women who are wearing colorful bikinis.

If you see a woman over the door ... ...

I was wondering, I carelessly cut off the edge of the surfboard.

This is no longer useful.

It seems like there is not such a thing, and it was madeHydroflex SurfboardsIt is a surfboard.

Hydroflex Surfboards has its own3D glassingIt is well known that by integrating a fabric made of glass fiber called a foam (like styrofoam) as a material and cloth made of glass fiber, and integrating the resin, the peeling hardly occurs You can make a durable surfboard that will not happen.

There are many professional surfers who actually use Hydroflex Surfboards.

And when making a surfboard, the material is left over, so Hydroflex's skateboard was made with the same method using the remaining material.

At first I was giving it only to those who wanted it, but as the voice that I wanted to gradually commercialize went up, I came to call for investment by Kickstarter this time.

Skateboard is like this.

There are also many color variations.

The inside of the boardHoneycomb structureIt has become possible to reduce the necessary materials without compromising the strength.

This is like a beehive or a turtle shell in the natural world.

Hydroflex Skateboards is very light ......

A sturdy design that does not baffle even with a good adult.

It is also waterproof.

The state of making a skateboard is from the following movie.

Crystal Infusion - Inside the molding of a Hydroflex Skateboard. On Vimeo

A tube is inserted in the board.

While high densityFoam PlasticInjection.

Wow, the liquid spreads ... ...

I drew a mysterious pattern.

Looking from a distant position it is like this.

It gradually spreads.

We will inject another color liquid.


Skateboards are deployed in various colors.

There are 3 types of skateboards. First of all, Crilla is big enough to enter the rucksack. A little angle is attached to the part of the butt, 360 degrees It is possible to change the direction anywhere. Because it is 61 cm in length × 17 cm in width, it is convenient when you take it to a travel destination.

Beach Leech has a retro shape skateboard with a kick tail and simple tricks are also possible. The size is 77 cm × 22 cm. In addition, Beach Leech is limited to 50 pieces and it is possible to put names and logos.

The third one is Angler, a skateboard suitable for freeride and downhill. I use fiberglass twice as much as usual, it is very hard and not very flexible. The size is roughly 91 cm × 24 cm.

There are also limited 25 items painted by artist Martin Nasim.

Martin Nasim - Hydroflex Featured Artist on Vimeo

Currently we are recruiting investment for commercialization. Crilla can make a capital contribution of 90 dollars (about 9000 yen), Beach Leech a $ 110 (about 11,000 yen), Angler a capital of 230 dollars (about 23,000 yen). In addition, for investment from Japan, a shipping fee of $ 60 (about 6000 yen) is required for Crilla and $ 65 (about 6500 yen) is required for Beach Leech and Angler.

The deadline is Japan time on November 2, 2013 at 9:02 pm.

Hydroflex - Hi - Tech Composite Skateboards by Hydroflex Technology - Kickstarter

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