Awesome but humorous plus 20 movies of MS - DOS virus

Daniel · White has disclosed all movies of computer viruses on YouTube from the background of his own PC being infected with malware, the number of which is more than 450. From the movie published by Daniel · White, there is almost no opportunity to see it now, but if it gets infected it will be panic without mistakeMS-DOS virusI tried picking up.

Danooct1 - YouTube

◆ 01: Virus.DOS.Walker
Virus.DOS.Walker - YouTube

Start Walker directly from the DOS screen.

Suddenly a woman's legged legs are projected up, but inappropriate images have been corrected by Mr. White.

After a while, the old man crosses the screen. Walker is not an initialization of data, but an MS-DOS virus that only an old man appears on the screen and disturbs the user's view.

◆ 02: Virus.DOS.Casino
Virus.DOS.Casino - YouTube

When you start Casino ... ....

A slot appears on the screen. I will threaten to erase the data on the hard disk unless you have "£" in the slot.

Playing the slot also results in a loss. Unfortunately the data has been erased.

◆ 03: Apple DOS Trojan
Apple DOS Trojan - YouTube

Apple Trojan will automatically start on the 24th of every month, so change the date to 24th on the DOS screen.

The screen turned red and a big Apple logo was displayed. Apple Trojan is an MS-DOS virus that will rewrite autoexec.bat.

◆ 04: Virus.DOS.Phantom 1
Virus.DOS.Phantom 1 - YouTube

Activate Phantom 1 from the DOS screen.

Skull face that appears as the screen darkens.

At the end, the character "The Phantom" was displayed in the game like NES game.

◆ 05: Suicide DOS Virus
Suicide DOS Virus - YouTube

When you start Suicide ... ....

A thing that looks like a human with a stuck neck appeared.

◆ 06: Scary DOS Trojan
Scary DOS Trojan - YouTube

When launching Scary Trojan the face of a scary woman is shown up and if you do not know it will be amazing.

◆ 07: Hymn DOS Virus
Hymn DOS Virus - YouTube

When Hymn is launched, the copyright notation of the song pops up one after another along with the national anthem of the former Soviet Union.

◆ 08: Best DOS Virus
Best DOS Virus - YouTube

When you start Best, the message "I promise to register to DANOOCT" is displayed and you are prompted to press the Enter key.

When you press the Enter key, the message "SUBSCRIBE TO DANOOCT!" Loops forever with red letters.

◆ 09: Implant DOS Virus
Implant DOS Virus - YouTube

When you start Implant by entering "impl.exe" ......

A picture of a sexy lady appears. It seems that all the data disappears if you are conscious of the picture.

◆ 10: Virus.DOS.Billiard
Virus.DOS.Billiard - YouTube

When Billiard starts up, characters on the DOS screen disappear from the screen as they hit like billiards' balls.

More and more characters are skipped ......

Eventually almost disappeared.

◆ 11: Girls DOS Virus
Girls DOS Virus - YouTube

When Girls is launched, along with the message "I love you girls! You are so beautiful!", The British band "the beatles"Which is a song of"Yesterday"Flows.

◆ 12: Spanska DOS Virus "Star Wars" Variant
Spanska DOS Virus "Star Wars" Variant - YouTube

When Spanska starts ...

If the message is "Star WarsIt appeared in the opening wind of.

◆ 13: DOS Virus DOS Virus - YouTube

Launched (aka RedX) from the DOS screen.

Suddenly an ambulance ran from the left side of the screen.

The running ambulance crashed into the wall on the right side of the screen and displays the message "No more RedX !!!".

◆ 14: DOS Virus DOS Virus - YouTube

Launch from the DOS screen.

A huge AIDS message appears. is a virus that will rewrite ".COM" to its own code.

◆ 15: Lucas DOS Virus
Lucas DOS Virus - YouTube

When Lucas was started up, there appeared to be a person who raised his hand above the large "L" letter written as "LUCAS LABS".

◆ 16: DOS Virus DOS Virus - YouTube operates only on Friday the 25th MS-DOS virus.

A male appears when you start up, and you stop the PC.

◆ 17: Markt DOS Virus
Markt DOS Virus - YouTube

Markt will only run on 9th September.

When Markt starts up, a skull is displayed along with the word "MedioMarkt", and the C drive is initialized.

◆ 18: Metallica DOS Virus
Metallica DOS Virus - YouTube

Metallica also triggered by the trigger MS-DOS virus.

Once you start up, a lot of lines will enter the screen and you will not see anything.

◆ 19: Marine DOS Virus
Marine DOS Virus - YouTube

When Marine is started from the DOS screen ......

A yacht floats on the sea, a peaceful video flows, but during that time the hard drive will be initialized.

◆ 20: DOS Virus DOS Virus - YouTube

When you start on the DOS screen, the screen suddenly turns red.

And, "Do not be afraid, I am a very kind virus, I will slow down the processing speed of this PC as you worked a lot today, so let's have a good day Goodbye" message did.

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