When iPhone receives specific text, a bug is found that the application crashes or the terminal restarts

Due to a newly discovered iOS and messaging application related bug, it became clear that if you receive certain text with the message application, the application crashes and the iPhone restarts.

IOS bug causes Messages to crash, iPhone to reboot when a certain text is received | 9to5Mac

The phenomenon that the application crashes when receiving the text with the message application can only crash the application when using iPhone, but if you receive the message on the lock screen, it will suddenly The terminal restarts. This is not the first time that these bugs were discovered on iOS devices, but the problem is Apple's related news media, that mischievous people and malicious users are using this bug 9 to 5 Mac.


Fortunately, the crash phenomenon occurs only when messages are exchanged between iPhones or when messages sent from Android terminals are received on the iPhone, which does not necessarily happen when text is received, It is a pattern that will only occur if you receive texts in sequence.

For "specific text" that will crash the iPhone,Search on TwitterYou can find it right away, "9to 5Mac says.

Crash bug in 9to5MacA way to avoid itFor example, "When a message aiming at a crash flew, crashing the application if you do some sort of reply before receiving a series of texts aiming at the crash is There is nothing. " There are other ways to avoid crashes such as "Send messages using Siri", "Send messages from Mac", "Send messages from photo apps", etc. are revealed.

In addition, Apple spokesman commented, "We are aware of bugs caused by specific Unicode characters in iMessage, we are working to fix this with the next software update."

The first bug was found wasRedditThen, on the SNS, "What kind of text should be sent in order to cause a crash?" Has explodedly spread, and movies that reproduce in a comical way what happens when a bug is exploited are up I will do.

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