Game that you can experience browser crasher "Realistic Internet Simulator"

The official name is "Realistic Internet Simulator AKA Kill The Popups", pop-up windows come out one by one, so it's a Flash game that you can experience a browser crusher that clicks and closes all the way.

BGM is super exaggerated, sound effects are enough to wake up the wave of murderous intent, and if you click on the window instead of "×" in the wrong, it will panic.

Play is from the following.
Realistic Internet Simulator AKA Kill The Popups by Rob Manuel [B3TA: WE LOVE THE WEB]
* Due to the large sound, be careful

There is a strange BGM that has modified classical classical music that I heard somewhere, but without clicking it

Let's start the game, close the window that pops up one after another

Game over when the screen fills in the window

It is very simple, but the production has a strange taste. If you look carefully, the windows of the pop-ups are written like that each ... .... I often say BGM when I listen to it. It is strangely strange, is this.

· Omaque:
Flash that reproduced Windows that does not move to Matumo frequently every error


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