Three rules to avoid inconvenient clients and generate revenue


Advice to win customers as a professional in internet marketing leads several businesses to successNicholas LeaseMr. Mr. is summarizing the three rules to raise profit after distinguishing "good client" and "bad client" from the viewpoint of business providers and avoiding it.

Problem Clients: How to Attract More of the Right Customers into Your Business

When Mr. Lease's business began to take off, when he reached the scale of 4000 dollars a month (about 400,000 yen), his working hours was 80 hours a week. Most of the time was spent troubleshooting with "problematic clients" and it was a very miserable feeling, but most of the income was from the clients, on the other hand , Mr. Lease was forced to make a big choice whether to endure this miserable situation or choose another way. After contemplating, Mr. Lease decided to exile the problematic clients.

In order to compensate for the sharply reduced income, he reconsider "what kind of client is necessary?" And classifies the client into four. He figured out which clients he would like to offer the service, raised the price further by 400%, and ultimately his business re-grown to the scale of 6000 dollars (about 600,000 yen).

ByTim caynes

Based on Mr. Lease's experience,BtoBIf you split the client into 4 types in this way it will be like this.

◆ Irrationally Free (a customer who requests free anyway)
There are many requests by selfishness, how the most important thing for them is whether they can receive services "free". They are nightmares. Please be sure to avoid it.

◆ Bargain Hunters (customers who cheap items)
This client will always ask for the discount in order to emphasize the best deal for you. If you are not a cheap service provider, they should avoid it.

◆ Value Shoppers (customers who choose fair value)
They will pay attention to whether good results can be obtained at fair price. We tend to pay respectful business with respect and we will not argue with presenting a fair price.

◆ Give Me Results (customers seeking results only)
It is all about whether this type can answer the requested result more than anything above price. Requests tend to be tough, but if you are a top-level provider in the field you are involved in, the high margin is the client of your dreams.

Customers who demand free discounts or discounts are clients that should be avoided as few negotiations take place over time. Customers who demand the best results in return for big money are also good clients, but Value Shoppers, which are the easiest to work with, should account for the majority of business.

Here are three rules to attract Value Shoppers more.

◆ Rule 1: Set the price to high price

ByBill David Brooks

Setting a high price makes customers cautious, but as customers set their expectations for the price they saw for the first time, we recognize that the more expensive they are, the more valuable they are. If you display $ 300 (about 30,000 yen) shoes next to 3000 dollars (about 300,000 yen) shoes, 300 doll shoes looks like cheap.

◆ Rule 2: Never ride price competition


There are competitors and competitors in business, but never rival price should be the same price. It is a sign that shows itself that "Your business is not worth it". If you are prompted to discount at the same price as the rival price from the client, this is the price you need for the work content you provide, and lowering the price means you have to cut off part of the order project Please explain. It is also effective to clearly state that fact on the website.

◆ Rule 3: Focus on results rather than cost


Please disclose the good results that have been published so far and the information proving the achievement in an easy to understand manner. There is a big gap between "price is cheap" and "cost performance is good". Also, as long as you keep good results all the time, you can share your work with the client without having to brag about your work as a success story just by talking about rivals.

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