Google and NASA MOD "qCraft" that can experience the concept of quantum physics at Mine Craft

NASA and Google co-foundedQuAIL (Quantum Computer Research Institute)Started distributing the MOD file "qCraft" for Minecraft. Although it is said to be "not a simulation" to the last, it is content that you can experience how qualitatively the nature of physics is different from everyday life.

QCraft | Quantum Physics for Minecraft

You can see what kind of MOD qCraft is, by seeing the following movie.

QCraft: Quantum Physics Meets Minecraft - YouTube


The towering world of high walls

Suddenly walking closer ...

In retrospect, the character of "qCraft".

Furthermore, when it is getting fuzzy, the wall of the part where the letters appeared earlier is completely over leaving the letters.

There is a hut in it.

Words that invite you into "Free candy inside."

When entering the sign saying "It took a trap"

In retrospect the door is closed

If you turn on this switch you will get candy

However, turning on the switch and looking at the tip of the device ... ...

TNT ......?

It seems that it became a fuse line

The fire reached the center.

I do not feel pretty ...

A big explosion

Minecraft is now a game played by many children, but in QuAIL, "We provide users with an attractive world that is contrary to intuition, such that quanta exist and affect each other, It is said that we are offering this MOD.

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