A movie that explodes nuclear bombs called "bomb emperor"

It is a movie of the explosion experiment of the nuclear bomb "Tsar Bomba (Tsar Bomba)" which the former Soviet Union carried out in 1961. In Russian "Emperor of the bomb"The power of" Tsar Bomba "is 50 megaton class and 3300 times the Hiroshima type atomic bomb. Comparing its power with the Hiroshima-type atomic bomb, it will look like the figure above.

The state of the explosion can also be confirmed from 1,000 km away, and the shock wave seems to have made three rounds of the earth. What on earth did you develop and experiment with this kind of thing?

The playback of the movie is from the following.
Worlds Largest Nuke Explosion - Google Video

By the way, according to the following link, "Tsar Bomba" is not originally 50 Megaton class, it seems that it was planned to make 100 Megaton class power. However, when 100 Megaton-class power was put in force, it was inevitable that ash falls down to populated areas, weakened the power to 50 Megaton class.

Tsar Bomba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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