Tokyo Tech created "prime challenge" Lego dolls are delighted to hear prime numbers

"Tokyo Institute of TechnologyIt is planned with the thought that it wants to express the idea power, the sharp insight, and the technical power of the Lego block using "Lego Block", and it was planned on October 12 (Saturday) 13th (Sunday)Engineering Festival 2013On display at the prime, Lego dolls are "prime ~!"Prime number challenge"is.

Tech Tokyo Tech Legoland "Prime Challenge" - YouTube

Prime number challenge says something happens to Lego as the number increases, if you pray your favorite prime number ....

When murmuring "1" in front of the Lego dolls, the dolls who are not trembling are said to be quick "as they are not prime ..."

When saying "2", "a prime!" And a doll moved a bit.

"101" and if you enlarge the number, the movement of the doll has become bigger "Prime ~!"

"Lego dolls are excited to be" prime numbers ~! "" Prime numbers ~! "" Prime numbers ~! "

Prime number challenge at the Technical FestivalTokyo Tech LegolandOne of the projects. In Toei LegolandLEGO block king championshipIt also took place, "Howl's immovable castle" seems to be number one.

Third placeAttack on TitanIt was the head of the giant.

"Again, I want you to pay attention to the length of the video ... Now you can see ......The comment that came out also became a work well understood love for prime of Tokyo Institute of Technology which is often talked about on the net.

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