Internet mystery troubling the world, mysterious cipher "Cicada 3301"

Mysterious cryptic code suddenly appeared on the Internet in January 2012Cicada 3301"Attracts the interests of programmers and hackers all over the world. Although a lot of people got on reading the Cicada 3301, it was not yet clearly known whether Cicada 3301 was created by an individual or an organization, and "Is not it FBI or CIA that created Cicada 3301?" It is rumored to be rumored. A programmer who has continued to challenge such Cicada 3301 decoding is approaching that mystery.

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Swedish computer analyst Joel Eriksson discovered Cicada in January 2012. Eriksson, who was surfing the Internet, said at an Internet forum "Hello. We are looking for a man with a high level of intelligence, so if you know me, please find a message hidden in this image. I am on the way to reach us, 3301 "is found.

Eriksson, who had confidence in cryptanalysis, immediately started decoding the image. Eriksson is the fourth emperor of the Roman Empire after a few minutes from the start of decodingTiberius Claudius CaesarIt will arrive at a character string aligned randomly with a message indicating that.


Eriksson, who saw a message indicating Caesar, deciphers randomly ordered strings using the "Caesar Encryption" encryption scheme named after Gaius · Julius · Caesar. As a result, Eriksson has reached one URL.

When opening the URL found by Eriksson, the duck 's image and "You are stuck in the decoy, apparently it seems impossible for you to decrypt the encryption" was displayed. Eriksson says, "If the encryption was too easy it might have got bored soon, but as it caught on the trap of cryptography, it became more and more captive of Cicada 3301," said Eriksson It is.

Eriksson caught in a trap, but from the idea of ​​imagination I got a picture of a duckOutGuessA cryptanalysis program called a new message appeared. A message includes social news siteRedditThere was a link to a certain message board hidden.

Eriksson notices that the message board has been posted encrypted texts every few hours and contains the numbers used in the Mayan civilization. Eriksson somehow interpreted the message board sentence, another cipher came up.

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After decrypting the encryption, this timeAgrippaIt shows that clues are hidden in the lyrics. Actually, Cicada 3301 attracts not only Eriksson, but also a lot of Internet users, each of which has deciphered in its own way, the clues for cryptanalysis indicated are not only Agrippa found by Eriksson, but also other books It is discovered that some music songs are also hidden.

An image bulletin board for English-speaking countries4chanUsers challenged Cicada 3301 to decipher, "I called this number, 214-390-9608" emerged. Eriksson participates in 4chan and decrypts it with other users. When Eriksson hangs over the telephone number of the message, a message message with content saying "Please find a prime from the original image of Cicada 3301" has flowed by machine voice.

4chan users including Eriksson found a prime number from the original image and decrypted the encryption code again and the web of the URL "" displaying the countdown watch and the semi (English: Cicada) is displayed The site will be found. When the countdown of the clock displayed on becomes zero, 14 major world cities such as Warsaw, Paris, Seoul, Sydney, etc. are displayed on the website, and users living near the city can immediately see the city Investigation began to every corner. Then, users from all over the world report that "I found a poster printed with QR code".


The discovered QR code will be released immediately and deciphered by users. One Tor address is hidden in the QR code, and a message saying "We want only the top person, only those who just added are necessary" was displayed on the site.

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Here, clues to decipher Cicada 3301 will cease. And a few months after the TOR address was discovered Reddit has finally found a human who I was looking for - a long journey will end, a message from Cicada 3301 will be posted and a clue to decrypt Cicada 3301 I had disappeared.

Eriksson who saw the message disappoints but Cicada posts a message saying "I will resume searching for people with advanced intelligence once again" on January 4, 2013 along with new images. When Eriksson decrypts the image and solves the hidden cipher one after another, it reaches seven cities this time. However, we do not find new clues there, and it seems that decryption is stopped.

Eriksson says, "I do not know at all what is hidden in Cicada 3301 until decryption, 2013 will soon be over in 2014. And on January 4, from the Cicada 3301, another new cipher It may be posted, it may be able to decipher next time, well, I do not think so ", it looked like I am looking forward to a new encryption that might be posted on January 4, 2014 .

Many hackers and programmers challenged to decrypt Cicada 3301, but no information about people or organizations who worked on Cicada 3301 from those who succeeded in decoding was reported at all. Intelligence agencies CIA andMI 6It is rumored that people are looking for talent, but the truth is in the dark.

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