A movie that draws a mysterious pattern on the wooden board with a high voltage of 15,000 volts applied

Attaching an electrode to a wooden plate and applying a high voltage of 15,000 volts causes a large current to flow between the electrodes and the art that draws a mysterious pattern as if a branch or a root grew grew "15,000 Volts"is.

15,000 Volts on Vimeo

A woman who puts two electrodes on a large wooden board.

Plus and minus, two electrodes were installed.

When you turn on the switch, burnt marks will spread like a living thing from the place where the electrode is attached.

It is installed also in another place.

Mysterious patterns appear from one to the next.

Try looking closer to the electrode.

It is a burnt trace that seems to be like a tree growing on the ground.

Two patterns extending from another electrode were connected to one.

Then one line connecting the electrodes gets steadily thicker.

When looking closely, every time a current flows, it was sparkling and flashing in the burn mark.

Looking at the distance is like this.

And this is the completion drawing.

This is an artistMelanie Hoff'S work. Other works are uploaded to Hoff's website, and the state of the production site is also released.

Melanie Hoff

The shooting studio below.

An electric current flows in the wood board and it shines sparkly.

It's like this when you try to make it dark.

The burned traces grew more and more, and eventually it became a shape in which a large groove runs on the wooden board.

Illustrated on a board.

Painted grooves made.

On the other hand, we paint parts that do not have grooves.

It is like this if you line up a bit.

Is the work a mail?TwitterIt is said that purchase is possible if contacted at.

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