It is possible to exchange with a DM who is not following on Twitter

ByPedro Ribeiro Simões

Twitter has a direct message (DM) function to talk with each other who is following each other one-on-one, but it seems that it is now possible to exchange DM in one-way follow relationship . Already, some users have been added the option "Receive DM from anyone who is your follower".

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this isJim's Marketing BlogJim Connolly, who runs the company, revealed it. Twitter's DM function was able to send if the other person were following him, so it was necessary to be in a mutual follow state in order to establish the exchange. Since this DM does not flow on the timeline, it is okay to talk about private and business.

However, Mr. Connolly discovered that the option "Receive direct messages from any follower" has been added to the setting screen. This literally means that if you follow Following Connolly, it will be possible to send DM even if Mr. Connolly does not follow. By default it is off, so DMs from people who are not following each other as usual do not arrive suddenly.

Connolly decided to turn on this option. The reason is that I am a celebrity and I am publishing email addresses around blogs, but I have not received spam or unsolicited e-mails.

Although it is a bit scary function to take a view that "DM may be sent unilaterally", Connolly pointed out that from a different point of view it would be possible to receive unilateral questions in a private state . If you are a business user or a journalist, until now you had to open the first negotiation "Since you want to talk in DM, so please do not follow me?", But from now on all you need to communicate in a private state It will be possible.

There is, of course, the possibility of "DM spam" occurring, but those who do not want DM to receive will be OK if the function is turned off. Even if a spammer or a person who wants to complain unilaterally send DM, it is enough to block. Mr. Connolly sees that it will be interesting if business users start to move on finding commercial interests in this function.

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