Is the data capacity of the download game exceeding the line speed of the broadband?

Finally within the yearPS4WhenXbox OneWill be launched from North America and the home-use stationary game machine will shift to the next-generation model. Both machines are becoming high spec and the game is expected to become more realistic, but along with that the data size of the game will be larger. It seems that increasing the game size when many game titles are downloaded in the future may have a big influence on usability depending on the balance with the speedup of the internet line.

Is downloadable game size increasing faster than broadband speeds? | Ars Technica

Sony's British managing director Fergal Gara recently released a popular game PS4KILLZONEWe announced that we will also release it in the download, it became a talk of a bit. Because PS4 's big game is about 50 GB, which is nearly the capacity of the two - layer Blu - ray, so it seems that the file size is too large for downloading. PS4 has a function to play games before the download is completed, but again this huge file size can greatly press down on the broadband bandwidth of the United States.

Is the speed of the file size of the game of recent years faster than improving the net line speed? Does it inevitably require more time to download the game? For such questions,Ars ThechnicaI am thinking about it.

Though some people sought opinions from game enthusiasts (gamers), some people said that it took longer time to download major titles compared to several years ago, thanks to the improved network environment of the net Some people said downloading became more comfortable, and impressions were various.

For this reason, Ars Thechnica, first,AkamaiStatistical data of "State of the Internet"From the average value of the internet speed of the internet in the year for each year.

Next, I examined how the data size of downloadable games changed for each game machine. Since hundreds of game titles are released each year, major download platforms such as Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network (PSN)Steam, We choose five major games with statistics provided by external sources to eliminate arbitrariness. Based on the above line speed and game data size, when calculating the time required for downloading, a different trend has emerged for each game machine platform.

◆ Steam
Steam's game download size is increasing with each year, and the average value for 2007 has increased to 15 GB compared to 7 GB in 2007. This is an increase rate faster than the rate of increase of the Internet line speed in the United States during this time. However, the steam game download time has decreased by 25% recently compared to the peak in 2010, thanks to the recent decrease in game size itself and the increase in line speed.

◆ Xbox
Microsoft entered full-scale entry of download download distribution in 2009 in relatively late 2009. The file size of the download title was about 7 GB (disk capacity increased in 2011) which is the disk capacity of Xbox 360, but surprisingly the size did not increase much. Thanks to the 80% increase in American net line speed during that time, the download time of Xbox 360 games has been significantly reduced.

◆ PS3
In 2011, since all PS3's game titles were downloaded by PSN, the data size of the game increased at a rate far exceeding the rate of increase of the line speed of the net. Looking at the main title of 2013, "Nino"(21.7 GB),"MLB 13"(21.7 GB), and"The Last of Us"(27 GB) has increased to an incredible size called PSN download game average file size is explodingly increasing. This tendency is not limited to exclusive titles of PS 3, for example "CALL OF DUTY Black Ops II"There are 14.6 GB of PS 3 version, while the Xbox 360 version has only 7.41 GB.

Keeping this in mind, it may not be surprising that "KILLZONE" released on PS 4 is as close as possible to 50 GB which is the full size of the two-layer Blu-ray Disc and the download version is similar not. And Ars Thechnica asserts that Xbox One games, which also employ Blu-ray, also receive much less impact than other Xbox 360 games, even if released with much larger data sizes.

Also, such a sudden increase in game size is temporary as a result of releasing next generation game machines, and most game titles can not be expected to break the 50 GB barrier for several years and will continue to Since the net line speed will increase more, irritation in downloading huge games will be gradually improved.

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