"Android is more secure than iPhone," Google's chairman said

ByDerek Petersen

It is being held in Orlando from October 6, 2013Gartner Symposium / ITXPO 2013Google's attendance atEric SchmidtDuring the interview the president "Android is more secure than iPhone"I said.

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chariman Google at Gartner Symposium / ITxpo 2013 in Orlando - YouTube

Google's Schmidt: Android more secure than iPhone | ZDNet

Interviewer Gartner analyst David Willis says, "There seems to be no one who is coming to this event and using Android as a major platform, listen to everyone, 'Would you say Android?' "I will answer" low safety ", he said to Schmidt chairman. Schmidt replied, "Does Android's safety are low? Android is more secure than the iPhone," instead of putting off his hair. From the venue, a small laughter occurred against President Schmidt's remarks.

Schmidt continued, "Android has many users, and severe security tests are done for that," but he explained concrete explanation about "why Android is more secure than the iPhone" I avoided it.

After that, I did not explain iPhone's remarks and concluded the question and answer session for 45 minutes "Gmail, Chrome and Android will be more satisfying than you can imagine". A small laughter happened again from the audience.

In addition, the full movie of the interview of Schmidt's interview can be confirmed from the following URL.

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