PENTAX K-3, the world's first digital SLR camera with low-pass selector

With the new low-pass selector,False colorYaMoireIt is possible to produce an effect like a low pass filter that reduces the effect of the selector, so it is also possible to turn on or off the effect of the selector, so the resolution feeling of the camera not equipped with the low pass filter and the security feeling of the low-pass filter mounted camera Ricoh's digital single lens reflex camera's top model "PENTAX K-3"Was announced. Up to approximately 60 frames in JPEG and up to 23 frames in RAW can be taken continuously at high speed continuous shooting of about 8.3 frames / second.

K-3 / Digital Camera / Product | RICOH IMAGING

New release of the K-mount DSLR camera top model "PENTAX K-3" | RICOH IMAGING

The low-pass selector, which was first installed in the PENTAX K-3, can reduce false colors and moiré without a low-pass filter, and can turn on and off freely so it is possible to take a photograph that emphasizes resolution feeling if it is unnecessary .

PENTAX K-3 【Low Pass Selector】 - YouTube

The main body color is black. With effective 24 million pixels, it is possible to take ISO 51200 high sensitivity shooting, so even in dark scenes, noise is high and high image quality.

The PENTAX K-3 18-135 WR lens kit comes with the standard zoom lensDA 18-135 mm F 3.5-5.6 ED AL [IF] DC WR




Please note that the release of PENTAX K - 3 will be scheduled in early November 2013, and the body kit will be accepted for reservation at 1480000 yen at Amazon. PENTAX DSLR camera K-3 Body black low-pass selector Up to about 8.3 frames / sec · maximum about 60 frames high speed drive -3 EV low brightness correspondence 15532: home electronics / camera

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