Olympus "OM-D E-M5 Mark II" equipped with 5-axis camera shake correction & 40 million high resolution shot equivalent to 40 million pixels

CP + 2015Olympus is a mirrorless single-lens camera "OM-D" series new work "E-M5 Mark II"Is exhibited. The E - M5 Mark II is equipped with 5 - axis camera shake correction, and it is a high - spec mirrorless single - lens capable of high - resolution shooting equivalent to 40 million pixels.

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Arrived at the Olympus booth.

Beyond the long line of columns, the actual machine of the micro-Four Thirds mirrorless single-lens camera "OM - D E - M5 Mark II" released today, February 20, 2015 was announced.

The E - M5 Mark II has achieved 5 - shutter speed correction performance with 5 - axis camera shake compensation installed.

When I shot a movie, it was a masterpiece. The 5-axis camera shake correction function is also effective in movie shooting, even if you shake the lens vertically and horizontally, it feels as if you are using a tripod. I understand Olympus what "Cinema quality single-lens handheld photography" is.

And the other feature of the E-M5 Mark II to say is "40M high res shot" function. High resolution photos equivalent to 40 million pixels can be synthesized based on images taken a total of 8 times while moving the sensor in 0.5 pixel units.

However, it takes about 2 seconds to synthesize 40M high resolution shots, so it is not suitable for moving subjects. So I put the camera in portrait orientation and tried taking the flowers as a trial.

Combining starts when the focus is adjusted as usual and the shutter is turned off.

Like this. Approximately 18 MB JPEG image of 5472 × 7296 pixels was synthesized. The 40 M high resolution shots are limited to subjects with less movement such as landscapes and artworks, and a tripod is necessary for shooting, but "When you get stuck in a key you can create a photograph with intense resolution".

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