All-cross 45 points AF · Viewing factor 100% Canon "EOS 80D" with electric zoom adapter OP in the viewfinder

It will be held from 25th February to 28th February 2016CP + 2016At the venue of Canon, the middle range model "EOS 70D" succeeded "EOS 80D"Is exhibited. EOS 80D is equipped with all-cross 45 point AF & Large Zone AF, and has powerful autofocus performance.

Canon: EOS 80D: Japan's moment.

Canon booth of CP + 2016, Flagship machine "EOS-1D X Mark IIAlong with Don and the front of the EOS 80D's experience machine. The EOS 80D is a middle range model succeeding "EOS 70D" and has a CMOS sensor equivalent to APS - C size of 24.2 million pixels, and it is commonly used ISO sensitivity 100 to 16000. The image engine is upgraded to DIGIC 6 as well.

The design follows the EOS 70D.

The top is like this. Remote shooting with "Camera Connect" application is also possible. EOS 80D also supports starting / stopping movie shooting.

The lens comes with the lens kit "EF-S18-135 mm F 3.5-5.6 IS USM"

Demonstration of rhythmic gymnastics in the back of the booth. It is a demonstration to have you experience the AF performance of EOS 80D.

The AF sensor adopts a dual pixel CMOS AF of image phase retardation formula. With the image engine DIGIC 6, the focus point corresponds to all-cross 45 points AF and F8 also supports cross distance measurement of 21 points. A mode that allows you to select a larger range called "Large Zone AF" is added to the distance measurement area.

In addition, the viewfinder view realizes a viewing ratio of 100%. Fear of eliminating unexpected things when using the viewfinder has been resolved.

EOS 80D is equipped with an optional electric power zoom adapter "PZ-E1"Is prepared.

This is an adapter to be installed under the lens, it is possible to zoom in with electricity.

The PZ-E1 that is likely to demonstrate its power in movie shooting can also be zoomed in / out with a smartphone.

You can check how to zoom with PZ-E1 in the following movie.

Physically zooming the lens with EOS 80D's electric power zoom adapter "PZ-E1" will look like this - YouTube

It is a mechanism which physically rotates the lens by the gear which is carried by the red frame.

EOS 80D was released on March 25, 2016,In the Canon Online Shop, reservations are accepted for 129,800 yen (excluding tax, with 6490 points). Including the power zoom adapter PZ-E1 when purchased by June 30, 2016Special gear is a presentIt will be.

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