Variable low-pass filter · 399 point image plane phase difference AF · electronic viewfinder etc. The ultimate form of Sony's "DSC-RX 1 RM 2" of Condeji which has evolved overwhelmingly

The successor model of Sony "DSC - RX 1 R" of the highest peak of full size compact "DSC-RX 1 RM 2"Adopts an optical variable low pass filter, 399 image plane phase difference AF sensor adoption, greatly increases the number of pixels, and incorporates an electronic view finder in tilt liquid crystal to achieve overwhelming evolution. Since DSC - RX 1 RM 2 was exhibited at the venue of CP + 2016, I tried to find out what the ultimate punishment of a compact digital camera that evolved significantly was.

DSC-RX1RM2 | Digital still camera Cyber-shot Cyber-shot | Sony

Arrived at Sony's booth.

The target is "DSC - RX 1 RM 2". Resolution significantly improved to 42.4 million pixels for 24.3 million pixels of the previous model RX 1 R. Furthermore, with the variable variable low pass filter of optical type, 399 points of image plane phase difference AF sensor is arranged within the range covering 45% of the world's largest imaging area, realizing high speed and high accuracy AF That has made substantial evolution.

The lens adopts a single focus lens of Carl Zeiss's Sonar T 35 mm · F 2, and the digital zoom function is ant. Even if you trim by increasing the number of pixels, you can maintain sufficient resolution. The sensor is equipped with 35 mm full size backside illumination type "Exmor R" CMOS sensor.

Left side.

right side.


The back side.

Magnesium alloy casing has outstanding rigidity.

Luxury-filled body seems to fully satisfy ownership.

3 inch liquid crystal loaded.

Liquid crystal of DSC - RX 1 RM 2 evolved to moveable.

In addition, a pop-up type electronic viewfinder is also included. The screen is an organic EL, which means that it has excellent color reproducibility.

When I took the test shot, the fast hybrid AF focus speed of 30% faster was a level that could be said to be excellent.

The DSC - RX 1 RM 2, which seems to be said to have reached the ultimate level of the snap camera no longer,Sony storeIt is 428,880 yen (tax excluded) by that.

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