Ten facts related to the brain, such as "The brain becomes more creative as being tired"

When staying up all night or a state close to it keeps going, there is a time when work gets stuck at explosive efficiency without feeling tired, but this is due to one of the brain 's work. Fast Company summarizes other interesting facts about the brain.

Why We're More Creative When We Tired, And 9 Other Surprising Things About How Brains Work | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

◆ 01: When the brain is tired, creative work gets faster

ByPaul Mayne

When the brain is tired, the brain's filter will not be careful about distracting.Scientific AmericanAccording to fatigue, the brain in an ambiguous state can expand the field of vision to the part that does not usually place emphasis, and can interpret diverse from many options, so it has the effect of making creative work easier There is that.

◆ 02: Stress reduces the size of the brain

Several studiesAccording to, according to stress, the stress adversely affects the brain in the long term, and even if it escapes from stress, the influence may persist. In experiments that continue to give chronic stress to rats, the result that the hippocampus as a part related to memory shrinks has come out.

◆ 03: The brainMultitasking (multiple simultaneous processing)I can not

The human brain,You can not do multitasking like a computerResearch result has come out, and in the experiment which carried out two things at the same time, the failure rate rises to 50% or more. When doing two things, it is to divide the gray matter in the spinal cord in the brain into halves for use.Research by the French National Insurance Medical Research InstituteAccording to the triple task, subjects consistently forget one task and the failure rate tripled.

◆ 04: Nap improves brain performance

Experiment of sleep and memorySo, I showed a set of playing cards with subjects to the subject, then divided into groups that took a nap of 40 minutes and continue to stay as it is. After that, when we tested both groups, the accuracy rate of the group that woke up was 65%, while the accuracy rate of the group who took a nap was 80%. By the way,Study of Andrey MedGavefAccording to the fact that during the nap the left brain is taking a day off, during which the right brain is activated, clearing the memory from the temporary storage area and pushing it into storage for long-term storage.

◆ 05: Vision gives the highest priority to the senses

The WeekAccording to Humans, the probability of remembering the information heard with ears after 3 days is about 10%, but adding photos will rise to 65%. It seems easier for books with more illustration to remain in memory than novels without illustrations. In the photograph, use the huge area in the brain so that the arrow extending from the visual area affects another area of ​​the brain.

◆ 06: Brain circuit is different between inward and outward type

The image shows inside of the brain of inward type (left) and outward type (right). The small black arrow indicates the flow of stimulation, while the inward type complicatedly passes through the area related to memory, planning, problem solving, whereas the outward type passes through taste, tactile sense, visual sense, auditory sense And you can see that it is short. This makes it possible for outgoing people to enjoy and handle them in unfamiliar situations and surprising developments.

◆ 07: There is a tendency for perfect people to be less embraced by favor

Sometimes the word "beautiful people get bored with 3 days" is used, so humans do not seem to like much for perfection.Buffer BlogAccording to the experiment that let you hear the sound that recorded the same scenes in two, it is better if the sound of the coffee cup enters the sound that the sound of tapping the coffee cup is entering and what you can record without problems , The results show that the likelihood of subjects has increased.

◆ 08: It is possible to rearrange the brain through meditation

The image above shows how much anxiety and upset are decreasing in the brain when meditating for 20 minutes.MGH / HST Martinos CenterHe is a researcher in the biomedical imaging department ofAccording to Catherine Kerr's researchMeditation has improved productivity, improved memory recall quickly, and also leads to an increase in gray matter in the brain.

◆ 09: Exercise resets the brain and boosts motivation

It is secreted from the brain when exercisingBDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor)Is responsible for resetting the neuron. At the same time, fight against stressEndorphinBecause it is also released, after feeling refreshed, I feel happy. Periodic exercise leads to cleansing the mind and body and improving motivation.

◆ 10: I feel that time flows slowly when doing new things

It is surprising that in July every year, "half of one year has already passed!"LifehackerAccording to the human brain, the human brain does not process the information it receives in order, but it is to process it quickly from familiar information. Therefore, if you do something unfamiliar to the brain area, it seems that time flows late.

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