The plasticity of the brain changes due to insufficient sleep and it affects memory

Why do people spend nearly one - third of their life sleeping, the significance of sleep is not fully understood. However, the sleep deprived brain is in a state of excitement, and the brain's flexibility important for memory "PlasticityThere is a research report raising that it will be lost.

Sleep recalibrates homeostatic and associative synaptic plasticity in the human cortex: Nature Communications

What a Night of Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Brain | Motherboard

University Medical Center FreiburgDr. Christoph Nissen's research team examined the phenomena occurring in the sleep brain with 20 subjects for the purpose of studying the role of "sleep". In experiments, we compare brain differences between a state where sleep is satisfactory and a state of insufficient sleep by repeating the day when the subject gets a good night's sleep and the day when the subject gets up during the day and night without sleeping.

Dr. NissenTranscranial magnetic stimulation method(TMS) to give the magnetic pulse to the brain of the subject. Then, it was found that the intensity of the magnetic pulse necessary for the reaction of the muscles of the subject's hands was found to be adequate in the state of insufficient sleeping than in the state in which sleep was sufficient.

Furthermore, it was confirmed that the brain is always excited at the state of insufficient sleep. In the experiment, it is said that people after sleep deprivation remember some paired matters such as "pencil and eraser" in advance, present one of the pair and remember the otherPaired association memory taskIt has been confirmed that the results of the studies have deteriorated. Dr. Nissen says that it is not good for continuation of excitement because "brain plasticity" which is thought to be important for memory is reduced in such excited state.

Dr. Nissen 's research team concludes that the excitement state of the brain may be reset by sleep.

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