135 g waterproof smartphone lighter than a single battery, Kyocera "Digno M" haste photo review

The waterproof 5 inch model realizes the lightest 135 g, the ultimate 3 mm minimum edge and smooth back curve design is a comfortable fit that fits firmly into the hand, making it a smart sonic receiver It is equipped with "Au presentation 2013 WinterKyocera 's "Digno M"is.


I found an exhibition booth.

This is Digno M.

Digno M is unique to KyoceraSmart Sonic ReceiverA comfortable call is realized by adopting. The memory is 2GB and the capacity is 32GB, and OS is equipped with Android 4.2, it is waterproof specification.

You can choose from three colors, white, blue and pink.

Having it in my hand, I realized the lightness of the 135 g body. The display is about 5.0 inches.

On the back is a 13-megapixel camera, powered button that employs Kyocera's fine ceramics "cermet".

The power button is arranged so that your fingers reach even if you hold the main body with one hand. It is said that there is no problem with the hands of women.

The top surface looks something like this, with a smooth back curve and a minimum edge of only 3 mm thin

Earphone jack · microUSB port · microSD card slot · SIM card slot is arranged on the bottom.

MicroSD card slot · Open SIM card slot.

Left side.

From the right side the volume control button installed on the back curve is tiled.

When we measure it with the balance, you can see that Digno M is lighter than a 139 g single cell.

Overwhelming lightness compared to banana.

Digno M, which shows considerable attention to the hardware, is scheduled to be released late November 2013.

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