Flat design UI kit "Flat Rounded Square UI Kit" for free and commercial use

Various applications are available for upgrading to iOS 7We are changing interfaces and functionsHowever, a convenient UI kit is used when trying to make a website or application a flat design "Flat Rounded Square UI Kit"is. Blog design and various buttons, icons, graphs, text boxes etc. are made with a calm design with unity, and the file has three types of PSD format, JPG format, ACO format, license / free so commercial / non-commercial You can use it freely regardless.

Flat Rounded Square UI Kit

First of all, there are various navigation buttons used on websites and software. It is based on dark blue color,Red and light blue are effectively used.

Normal buttons are four colors of green, yellow, blue and red with variations. Various SNS buttons are also available.

Check boxes are also unified with blue, green and white. There are 4 patterns of designs in the progress bar.

Text boxes and search fields.

Carrousel where multiple photos and images are automatically switched is a pattern in which the explanatory note is on the side and a pattern in which it appears in the lower part in a form overlapping the image.

Messages and graphs. Both use color effectively and it is very easy to see.

A little UI kit slightly smaller than the screen of the tablet.

Personal information input column appearing at the time of shopping and search / evaluation column of products.

The price of goods can be coded into 3 types according to type.

Blog UI alsoCard designIt has become a very beautiful thing using.

Tags and "recent news list" etc. are made up to details.

Modal window.

Header sample.

The following is a sample of sentences.

There are 21 simplified icons, such as radio waves and mail / movies.

The UI kit starts when you click "Download for Free" at the bottom of the page.

The UI kit has been released to introduce various tools and information used for web design such as icons and pluginsWeb Apps. Besides thisCommercially available free iconWe are also publishing.

Free Download: Flat Rounded Square UI Kit | Web Resources | Web Apps

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