The production movie of the projection mapping "Box" has completely reached another dimension and it is worth seeing

Projection mapping is a video technology that projects images on three-dimensional objects,Projection mapping on stage in Tokyo stationIt is done. It is "Box" that makes it possible to produce like a magic by combining the technology of such projection mapping and the machine that freely moves the monitor.

Projection mapping director You can appreciate movies from the following.

Box on Vimeo

"The following is a demonstration of the projection mapping projected on a moving subject, the entire content being taken with the camera."

A man standing next to a white screen.

Lift the screen up.

◆ I: TRANSFORMATION (deformation)

When a man hits the back of the screen, the screen waves like a cloth.

Spreading ripples.

When a man pulled the screen, the depth appeared and it changed like a box.

When the screen is pushed, together with the appearance of bocoboko and protrusions appear.

When pulling it also appears on the other side, it feels like a real realistic texture.

If I pull it in the back, it will be bogoboko also in the front.

The protrusions were color coded into black and white.

A man lifted the screen. This movement is behindIRISIt is made possible by the camera control machine.

The projection of the screen that is lowered to the ground can only be seen as if there is a depth compared with the man next to it.

◆ II: LEVITATION (floating in the air)

Black and white spheres floated in the screen.

Another screen appears and the ellipse shape is displayed numerous times.

When two pieces are combined ...

In the hole from the bottom to the top, the floating ball was sucked in.

In addition, a large hole is projected using 2 sides.

All the objects were sucked into the big hole.

◆ III: INTERSECTION (intersection)

Black lines are extending from the two screens floating in the air.

Unevenness comes out three-dimensionally when combined.

Denting ...

It looks like it really protrudes.

I am deprived of the unreal sight.

◆ IV: TELEPORTATION (Prudential movement)

A triangle floating on one screen flows to the left ... ...

I moved to the right screen.

It is finely divided into three, I go back and forth on the screen.

The screen containing the finely divided object emerges ... ...

It fell into the hole mapped to the ground.

◆ V: ESCAPE (escape)

A screen fitted to two faces was installed so as to cover up the man ... ...

At the moment of touching the ground, a pattern will appear on the ground according to the shape of the screen.

Then the video that the door opens on the screen is projected ......

The man above came out.

A man will head to the screen.

Then a thing like a passage connecting time and space appears and the male progresses.

A man who walks without hesitation.

The aisles are brilliant ......

The screen turns black and the machine manipulating the screen appears mapped and transparent.

When the screen is divided into two, the appearance of the male is disappeared.

(Sufficiently developed science and technology can not be distinguished from magic. -Arthur C. Clark)

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