"Parallax Wallpapers" that you can download high-quality wallpapers that correspond to parallax effects of iOS 7 for free

As a visual effect function adopted in iOS 7, the icon of the home screen appears to move according to the movement of the terminal "Parallax effect"there is. A site that can download free high-quality wallpaper corresponding to this parallax effect is "Parallax Wallpapers"is.

Parallax Wallpapers

Images are categorized into "SPACE (space)" "CARS (car)" "CLEAN" "LANDSCAPES (landscape · nature)" "PEOPLE (person)" "VECTORS" "ARCHIVE (list)", You can look for.

The wallpapers that can actually be downloaded are as follows. Clicking the thumbnail image opens the download page.

◆ SPACE (Universe)

◆ CARS (automobile)


◆ LANDSCAPES (Landscape · Nature)

◆ PEOPLE (People)


The wallpaper downloadable with "Parallax Wallpapers" can only use parallax effect for iOS 7, but it can be used as a beautiful wallpaper with other versions of iOS and Android.

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