"Robodanbo" to pilot with a wireless controller is cute as well

"Robodanbo" which allows you to make various movements by programming by yourselfIt is also possible to maneuver with a wireless controller, so I quickly controlled wirelessly and made various movements.

Robodanbo (Danboard the Robot) | Viston Corporation

First of all, Robodanbo and wireless controller "VS-C3I will pair them. In addition, when controlling Robo Dambo wirelessly, it is necessary to change the mode switch of the CPU board to "0", so be careful.

Press the connect switch on the upper part of the RoboDambo CPU board. Then the red lamp next to the switch blinks ......

Press the "ANALOG" button on the controller. Pairing is now complete.

Various movements are assigned to the wireless controller in advance. I will try steering Robodonboe with the wireless controller actually. Turn on the power of Robo Dambo and press the "SELECT" button and the "START" button on the controller at the same time the servo turns ON, ROBODANBO will standby OK, swing both hands and wait for instructions while shining eye.

First of all, small. It is somehow healed by a cute movement.
Dan Bo's Correct & Incorrect - YouTube

Robodonboru responds to a handshake handshake. What a nice guy.
Let's shake hands with Robodanbo! - YouTube

Robo Dambo is the cheering headmaster!
Robodanbo's thirty-seven beat - YouTube

It's just turning to the right ... what an over action.
Robodanbo 's turn right - YouTube

Dance Battle. There is a cute one.
Mysterious Dan Bo - YouTube

There is no mercy for great men. Robo Dambo is awesome ... ....
Robo Dambo to put Tsukkomi - YouTube

On the controller VS-C3, more than 20 motion is recorded for Robodanbo and you can enjoy its lovely movements. Also, depending on the idea, if you see that various movements are possible, you will be stimulated greatly and there is no doubt that programming will be faster. It seems to be said that this wireless controller is an indispensable special item for Robodanbo.

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