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An abacus handwriting with a brush with writing brush ...... It is only a scene of a historical drama, "Register (register)" is widely used for sales management in modern stores. A history of such a cash register and retail industry evolutionInfographicsIt is "the history of retail and cash register" that summarized it.

The history of Japanese retail and cash registers as seen in the transition of consumer society | Blog to think about the future of "retail × IT"

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First of all, in the history of the cash register itself, the first model was invented by Mr. James Lithy in the United States in 1878, which dates back about 20 years ago than this document. The reason for development seems to be "to prevent employees from deceiving sales".

Birth of the world's first register | History of registers 1878-1901: Japan NCR

And in 1904,Mitsukoshi Kisarin store(Current:Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings) Made a "declaration of department" triggered a full-fledged JapaneseDepartment storeBegan to spread. What was being used at that time was a mechanical cash register.

After the end of the Second World War, it has appeared in the age of recovery from reconstruction "supermarket"is. It was the "Kinokuniya" that opened in Aoyama, Tokyo in 1953, when the supermarket that was widely used in the United States spread in Japan. From here to the 1970s, supermarkets developed remarkably as a business style supporting the retail of Japan's mass consuming era that is booming in the 1970s. For data management at this time "Paper tapeIt was used, and it was possible to transfer data to the computer using this paper tape as a medium, and to manage it.

Before the 1980s, the era from super heydayconvenience store,specialty shopIt will move to the era of. The "POS system" started spreading widely since this time. In short form of "Point of Sales", in Japanese it is "Point of sale information managementThis POS system, which is also called "popularized" at the same timebarcode, It is possible to grasp the characteristics of each store and product by managing data by connecting stores and headquarters in its own online network, the progress of modernization of sales management has advanced It was.

In 1991 the bubble economy collapsed, Japan was "20 years lostIt enters the long-term downturn era called " By the time, at retaildiscountYaoutlet mallThe business style of spread has spread. In the world of computers, when the explosive spread of Windows was fulfilled, it also affected the register world. Until then it was a register that had its own OS, but it came to adopt Windows OS due to the merit of cost and operation.

In 2000, as broadbandization and the development of the Internet globally advanced, transactions on e-commerce "e-commerce" became popularonline shopThe era of arrival, retail forms such as Amazon and Rakuten have gained momentum. Broadbandization also brings benefits to the cash register structure. Until then, POS systems that used dedicated online lines became more affordable, so the POS system also became popular for small businesses.

And the retail industryOmni channelizationProceeding, transactions on the Internet and real stores will merge. This "omni channel" can be called a new relationship between consumers and retailers utilizing IT, especially mobile terminals such as smartphones, etc. For example, "Omni Channel" suggests " People buy and settlement with smartphones, and receive products at stores ", it is a form that I had never imagined.

It is hard to imagine that retail stores like the past will soon disappear, but it is interesting to see how the concept of retail and cash registers that have changed with the development of the world and the economy continue to evolve.

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