Amazon opens "3D Printer Store" handling low-cost 3D printers for individuals

Amazon will sell building materials, software and related books for 3D printers and 3D printers in the site from September 19, 2013 "3D printer storeWe have opened. 3D printer: DIY · tool

Handling 3D printers3D Systems 3D printer Cube, 3D Systems 3D printer CubeX · CubeX Duo · CubeX TrioThere are 4 kinds in total. The cheapest 3D Systems 3D printer Cube is 168,000 yen, you can choose from 5 colors of silver, green, blue, magenta and white.

We also have materials for molding,Filament for ABS plastic 3D printer 1 kg (fluorescent green, 1.75 mm)If it is new it is 2980 yen.

Although the number of main body / molding materials is still small, it is still to increase handling makers and models sequentially.

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