What kind of behavior does a person take when a giant meteorite strikes the earth?

A giant meteorite falls to the earth and human beings are destroyed is a scene that is common in movies, but here is a movie where you can see what actions people take when they actually encounter such scenes .

Ultra Reality: What would you do in this situation? - LG Meteor Prank - YouTube

Men carrying huge LCD TVs.

I laugh at a meaningful depth in front of television.

Hidden camera in the file.

Make sure you can hide it properly.

Fit the giant TV into the window frame.

Preparation is OK with this!

Come on, it is the start of the interview.

A man in a suit.

Latin women.

I will enter the interview room one after another with a young lady.

Shook hands with regards today.

Of course, the person who came to the interview does not know that this is a luxury.

Are we talking about past career and hope?

Suddenly I saw outside of the "window", I found a glowing object.

Stare at the object, not at the interview.

My mouth is dumbfounded.

A man who runs into an unbelievable sight.

An unknown meaningful speech overflows from your mouth.

The gigantic meteorite quickly ...

Fall to the earth!

Is it due to mind that it sounds like "Look! Look!" In Japanese?

Rise ...

I cling to the chair.

Outside the window is the moment when the world ends.

Around the rugged sound is dark.

Night vision cameras are prepared on the ceiling, so you can see exactly what you do in the dark.

Apparently at such time ...

People seem to be kneeling unintentionally.

A woman who asks about "who is there?"

Here the room light is taken.

When it is taken for a moment ... ...

"I was surprised ~" and the staff entered the room.

Explain that there is a camera hidden over there.

Some people are out of business ......

Some people hold back their mouth when they are eaten.

Here it is. this is84-inch Ultra High-Definition Television made by LG ElectronicsIt was an experiment using.

A man who leaves the room with "Funny!" I am angry.

In spite of laughter coming up.

The world's first 84-inch ultra-high vision LCD TV.

Welcome to the world of "Ultra reality".

It was LG Electronics' docky commerce that appealed the beauty of the image "realistic than reality".

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