A movie reflecting the whole story of a man who was naked out of the hotel room


In a hotel where the door is autolocking it is easy to get out of the room without having the key and it is likely that it will be shut out unintentionally, but as I got out of the room without putting on clothes A movie that reflects the whole story of a man who was shut out naked in order to be released on YouTube.

Never Do This In Hotel - YouTube

The surveillance camera of the hotel catches the image of the corridor.

A man got a face from the door and looked around Kyorochiro and around.

Pattern ... ... and the door closed, the man goes into the room.

The door opens again.

A man with a tray came out of the room. Men are naked.

Apparently it seems that we have placed a tray of room service on the corridor.

Okay, I just got up and started trying to get back to the room ......

The door was closed.

I will move the doors and doorknobs, but it will not open.


Getdata Getdata Getdata

A droop.

When standing all naked, another hotel customer walked in the corridor.

I will pass by without passing words.



A man who takes a ball on the tray.

I hid the front and back of my body with two balls.

And it will disappear into the back of the corridor.

I came up to the elevator hall. Apparently it seems like I'm going to go to the front desk in the lobby and get a spare key.

Because both hands are occupied with a ball, press the front of the body against the button as it is.

It seems that I do not settle down because I rushed my body to an elevator not readily coming.

Elevator finally came. The door opens.

Parents and children in a cheat.

I will let my child's face turn like 'Do not look'.

When I arrived at the target floor, I left as I ran away.

Then it switches to the picture of the corridor again, and the appearance that the man of clothes is walking straight is displayed.

However, when a naked man appeared, he made a U - turn Kurutsu.

"It's nice weather ..." I looked out the window and tried not to see men with full power.

Finally I got to the lobby.

When I headed to the front desk, the parents who were checking in also hurriedly left.

Here is the first video with audio. "I was shut out of the room," said the man.

I asked for the room number and answered "We are in room 208".

Then the front man asked "Do you have an ID card?"

There was no reason to have it.

There are many times the telephone is set up on each floor of the hotel, but in such circumstances the possibility that it will become unnoticed at all as the mood turns around as it becomes such situation, those who do not become naked when leaving the room in any case It looks good. Furthermore, it is unknown at this moment about the background as to whether this movie is real or fake, what is it in the first place.

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