Human pattern that can be unfolded in the elevator in Las Vegas

I gathered images of surveillance cameras in Las Vegas, probably somewhere in the hotel, and it became clear that there were various occurrences that could not be encountered when riding normally on an elevator. As expected it is something like "Las Vegas or something," a scene that seems to be "the city of night" is spreading.

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Details are as below.
Suddenly two girls are kicking a kiss ... ....

Escalate further. After all, it may be a hotel elevator somewhere.

This couple is served. I think that it is a room a little more, please be patient with it for a while.

A woman who came in alone.

Suddenly I started taking off my underwear.

I pack my underwear into my bag.

And makeups.

A couple came. Women are very concerned about breasts.

I grasped the man's hand and let her touch my chest. What happened ... ....

A woman who seems to arrange clothes while watching the mirror.

A male comes over there. Women are beautiful, their eyes grazed.

Then the woman suddenly pulls off the coat she had taken off. What a whole naked ... ....

A man who follows a lady descending from the elevator.

Before,It shows the whole and part of the person trapped in the elevator for 41 hoursAlthough there was something, how much interesting sight of the surveillance camera in the world is captured at all?

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