How will everyone react when a man suddenly appears in front of a person whose body has broken into half?

Suddenly, when a man whose body is divided in half appears, what reaction will people show? The mischievous movie that Andy Gross of the magician realized in such a situation realized "Crazy Magic Trick and Illusion Prank Man Cut in Half"is.

Funny, Craziest Magic Trick / Prank! Magician Cut in Half - YouTube

Two women sitting on the park bench.

"Uwa", the sudden appearing fuselage half man!

Redhead women run with full power and run away ... ...

I will roll directly at the sandbox. You can see that it is quite confusing.

A woman walking in the city. It is supposed to be a classmate boy with bread in the love comer from the turning point ... ...

A man whose body was half a man appeared. While surprised as "Ca!"

A woman walking in the park and a half of the fuselage who stands in the shade.

Makko sappupoA woman blowing away like.

Despite falling, it escapes while going backwards.

"You will be disliked by her if you do anything like this" valuable advice.

To a man touching something like a vending machine ......

Half-man flying out with "huh!"

Somehow shaking hands.

Hidden behind the wall and standby.

"Oh my god!"

While talking on a street ... ...

Suddenly the torso is half cut out.

After surprise, everyone is laughing.

However, the woman in the park at the beginning is shouting "Get on the car as soon as possible!"

A woman who fell to a car at once. I can not afford to laugh.

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