Dating evolves to a new stage in a pandemic, dating method keeping social distance talked about

In order to control the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the importance of a

social distance expansion strategy that increases the distance between people is being called out. As events, gatherings, and even outings are banned and relationships with people become alienated, photographer Jeremy Cohen has been talked about as having realized a new form of dating that maintains social distance.

TikTok love story documents next-level dating in the time of quarantine

The kick that Cohen decided to date while avoiding contact with people can be seen from the following movie.


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Cohen is looking out the window as the social distance expansion strategy is being implemented for the new coronavirus ...

Discover a woman dancing on the roof of the building.

Cohen calls out from the veranda and shakes his hand ...

The woman also transferred her hand to 'Hi'.

So Cohen hurriedly picked up a drone, paper, pen, etc ...

Paste a note with your contacts on the drone.

Cohen says, 'I usually don't pick up,' but I try to pick up using a drone to see if there are things that I can do because I'm far from women.

Drone takes off.

The drone camera captures a woman laughing as she sees the drone drop.

Women get Cohen's contact information.

After that, I got a call saying, 'Hi, this is a girl on the roof.'

… And the story doesn't end here. Despite being unable to get close to women under the social distance expansion strategy, Cohen tries to date. The first dinner date is as follows.


Quarantine Cutie (PART 2) .Her name is @ toricigs.She's cute and kind and I'm so happy I met her. ## wholesome ## xyzbca ## nyc ## lovestory ## PlayByPlay

♬ death bed (coffee for your head)-Powfu feat.beabadoobee

Cohen has a date promise. First thing I did ...


After brushing your teeth and brushing between teeth, the preparation is perfect.

And muscle training.

This didn't seem to make much sense.

Since you can't go to the hair salon, you can fix your hair yourself with a hair clipper.

Worried about fashion ...

To the dinner table set on the veranda.

However, it should be a date, but the opposite side of the table is empty. Food and wine are also for one person.

… But, if you look closely, you can see Tori-san, a woman dancing on the rooftop of the building opposite. Tori's table is also decorated with dishes and flowers for one person.

Cohen waving his hand.

Tori also looks back.

'It's so beautiful!' Said Cohen, shouting loudly in the neighborhood.

The conversation is over a video calling app.

First date to enjoy wine, cooking and conversation.

Actually, this dating method was not known to Tori, and she asked her Tori's roommate to set it secretly. So it was a surprise for Tori.

Cheers towards the smartphone screen.

Tori also looks fashionable and fun.

And the relationship between them further develops. Following the dinner date is a date that says 'I'm actually going to meet Tori while keeping a social distance.'


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Cohen, who came out of his apartment, has a large vinyl.

Inflate this ...

Go inside.

Bouquet to hand to Tori in hand.

With this bubble ball inside, we cross the road to Tori's house.

Tori came out of the house ...

Lol laughs at Cohen's appearance.

… But Cohen realized that she couldn't give her a bouquet. This failed.

It is a walk while keeping a social distance while close.

On the way, I was stopped by a police car. When I'm terrified that I'm getting attention ...

'Are you on Channel 4?'

In fact, the exchange between Cohen and Tori was broadcast as news. The police officer who saw the news was amused and talked.

Commemorative photo with everyone.

'Just to be socially separated doesn't mean you have to be socially separated,' Cohen said.

The two hug over the bubble ball.

'Don't forget to spread love and kindness to others,' Cohen said.

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