The last event of desert celebration burning man, Temple burning quietly

It started from Monday, August 26th and lasted a week.Burning manHowever, Sunday, September 1st was the final day of the event and existed as a place for people to pray at the Burning Man venueTempleThe last event that burns are finally being held. Since it is said that the atmosphere will be different from that when The Man was burned on Saturday the previous day, I took a picture of the whole story.

About 7:30 PM, the sunset began to slowly began, when the area became dim, when people headed for Temple in the direction of Black Rock City (BRC) 12 o'clock, people were already gathering.

A ranger is standing around Temple, so that people can not get close to it.

At the foot of the temple is full of things burning with Temple.

People started to gradually increase ......

Soon the Temple was filled with burners around.

Art cars have also gathered, but the number of burning mans is less than when burning, there are not too many music that excites the field.

Discovering a water-dispensing car prepared for a case of a moment.

The sunset fell and light up. This figure is finally paying off.

When it became dark, a fire was set on the corner of Temple.

More and more fire will be on.

Fire started from the inside ... ...

In the end the temple was completely covered with fire.

There are no cheers, just people who look at the fire quietly.

There are also figures of people who hold hands without thinking much of the strength of fire.

Since the burning man was not as intense as the fire burned, no one ran away.

Flame rising high in the sky.

You can see how Temple flares up from the following movies.

Burning man's last event, Temple burning quietly - YouTube

Temple has plenty of thoughts and memories of those who left this world, but all become ash.

Appears almost to the skeleton only.

And once the top skeleton collapses, the pyramids collapse in no time.

It was almost the only base.

When the burning man was burned it was a celebration, but this time it was very quiet, someone's sobbing echoed occasionally, and when the voice which imitates the howling of the wolf rises, it calms down that it gradually spreads It is space.

Temple without a trace.

Tornades occasionally occur on the flame side.

And when the rangers give an OK sign ......

People slowly walk towards the flames.

On Sunday the next day when The Man burned, I already started camping and had someone who left the BRC and few people gathered in Temple than at The Man. Though there were scenes where people were united with the spreading of howling wolf man's spreading, people watched the fire quietly throughout and the campfire after Temple burned was done with no mind or calm . Thus, although it was a festive burning man, the last Sunday night went quietly.

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