Lotte's "refreshing yoghurt taste <Wenzhou orange>" is a refreshing taste centered on acidity

From February 2 (Monday) to the refreshment of Lotte featuring a sharp mince ice texture, "Yogurt taste "Has been added. I was concerned about the refreshing cold texture of fine ice and the combination of yogurt and wenzhou oranges, so I decided to buy it and eat it.

[PDF] Yogurt taste ice × Wenzhou oranges co-star! "Refreshing yoghurt taste "

Unlike the package based on vanilla blue, orange color of Wenzhou oranges is based.

I found illustrations of Wenzhou oranges and yogurt on the upper left.

Products of LotteCoolishIt uses proprietary patented technology that is also used for, for example, 5% of mandarin juice.

There is a pretty illustration of the notes that decorated Wenzhou oranges on the back.

Nonfat milk solids content is 3%. Milk sauce and dairy products can be confirmed as raw materials, the content amount is 190 ml.

The calorie is 210 kilocalories, which is less than the 267 kilocalories of Haagen Dazs minicup vanilla taste.

When opening it, you can see that it contains an orange wenzhou oranges sauce so that it swirls in white yoghurt taste ice cream.

There is no peel in Wenzhou mandarin sauce like marmalade jam. I will eat it.

When you put it in your mouth, the refreshing acidity of yogurt, the taste of oranges and the refreshing coldness of fine ice spread in your mouth. Yogurt is set on the axis of taste, the taste of Wenzhou oranges is rather a supporting role. The texture of fine ice with a sharpness matches the refreshing sour taste of yoghurt, sweetness is modest and exhilarating taste as the product name.

Wenzhou mandarin sauce has no bitterness like marmalade, refreshing sour taste refreshing, complementing the ice cream of yogurt flavor.

Although refreshing has the weak point that water and milk ingredients are mixed and it is not delicious, melting ice can also be drunk like a lactic acid bacteria beverage when it melts, so it does not matter with that though it melts.

The price of refreshing yoghurt taste wenzhou oranges is 126 yen including tax, although there are many vanilla and milk flavored ice, there are not many yoghurt taste ice creams, so it is recommended when you want to eat refreshing ice cream.

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