What is "WIMM" that Google acquired for winning the smartwatch market?

Watch gadgets that are considered to be strong as next-generation information terminals "Smart Watch"is. Regarding smartwatch, it is rumored that various companies such as Samsung and Apple are under development, but it turned out that Google had acquired company WIMM laboratory which developed smartwatch last year, Google's smartwatch market It is now clear that the full-scale entry into the market. What kind of company is Google with which WIMM acquired?

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Google has a department called "X Lab" that performs advanced development and experiments, and hereGoogle GlassThe development of such as progress is ongoing. There have been rumors that Google is developing smart watches so far, and Smart Watch was thought to be developed by X Lab. However, apart from its own development route, Google discovered last year that he had acquired a smart watch development company named WIMM Institute in California last week.

WIMM, about five years agoRambusInvestment company led by Mr. Dave Moring (assumed to be the CEO of WIMM later) in front of the companyPillar VenturesWas established by.

Immediately after its establishment, WIMM developed a platform for developers for Android for wearable displays, and based on this technology, in November 2011, WIMM will release the Android-based smart watch "WIMM One".

Here is a movie of WIMM One.

WIMM One Smart Watch Review: Hardware - YouTube

At the same time WIMM announces WIMM One, it will publish more than 20 applications for WIMM One. This includes applications that allow you to remotely control Android smartphones, activate music players, turn off ringtones on your phone, to-do list applications, apps that pay for coffee at Starbucks It was. In addition, WIMM also released a developer SDK called "micro app", and the environment is also improved so that third party companies can develop applications for WIMM One. WIMM who completed the peripheral improvement such as development of smart watch of high function and opening an application store seemed to lead the smartwatch market,In 2012, we suddenly ceased selling WIMM One and closed the Twitter account and ceased activityI will do. At that time, a meaningful comment was stated on the company's website "It is an exclusive and secret alliance with our technology."

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At the time, speculation that Apple acquired WIMM for iWatch development jumped, but it finally turned out that the partner of WIMM was Google. Google was secretly moving to WIMM acquisition while developing a smart watch at its own company.

According to sources, most of the senior staff at WIMM agree to join with Google, and currently seems to work with the Android team. Google is expected to develop WIMM's smart watch technology from now on to launch a rocket start to rob the competitors such as Samsung and Apple on the smartwatch market that has not yet been launched.

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Smart watch does not just pack the same function as a smartphone, but it is required to provide valuable information simply by flicking the wrist when looking at it at a glance. It is clear that supporting third-party developers is necessary for the development of smartwatch applications. Google, which succeeded in capturing WIMM, is just as good as having both of these wings, and may have overtaken Samsung and Apple, which had been thought to lead the smartwatch market so far, at a stretch.

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