A good way to get to know the super busy entrepreneurs / president / celebrities and talk to each other

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For businessmen challenging startup and for the next step up, if you can get advice from successful people in that field it will be a strong help. However, in general, successful people are chased by the time of day, but in the state-of-the-art technology field of Silicon Valley, many companies are launched and paid successSteve BlankThinks about how to apply for a meeting to people who are busy.

How to get meetings with people too busy to see you | Steve Blank

◆ "How about coffee?" Is the worst invitation

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Hundreds of e-mails are sent to Steve, a well-known businessman in Silicon Valley, on a single day. Most of them say "I want to borrow your wisdom" or "I would like to ask your idea while drinking coffee." In order to cope with too many mails, Steve had a filter to filter out messages of content that attracted his attention. However, asking "Can you borrow your wisdom while drinking coffee?" Is probably the worst method of applying for a meeting to a moving person on a busy schedule. One man trying to start a new business with Silicon Valley called Jason has a remarkable achievement in the network business, and he was an interesting person for Mr. Steve. And when he applied for the meeting to Steve, he said, "Coffee to borrow your wisdom ... ..." Steve thought that he was not aware of how to apply for a meeting for busy people, even for many capable entrepreneurs.

◆ Offer share of knowledge


Silicon Valley, from long ago "Pay-it-forword"Movie"Pay ForwardThere is also a culture that is also the title of. It is a culture that appeared among the semiconductor business of the 1960s, and it began to cooperate with competitors to solve each other's bugs. It was in the 1970'sHomebrew Computer ClubIt has been handed down to Silicon Valley until today. It is the idea that mutual aid is shared, shared, "to give it to the next" to promote the development of the entire Silicon Valley, and profits will also be returned to themselves. So, Mr. Steve focused on something that stated "consideration" versus shaving valuable time for screening huge e-mails that I could not deal with.

Steve is not talking about money or stock, but "How about a cup of coffee to ask your idea?"I will teach you how to learn ○ ○ instead"We preferentially classified what is written such as things like. Then, the "one-way conference" so far became "interactive meeting", and it became possible to spend useful time for each other.

◆ Do not be afraid to try and increase winning percentage, leading to productive meetings

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"Invitation for interactive meeting" can be tried even without connection with super busy people. If the content you talk is interesting, meetings can be negotiations, sharing the content to each other will lead to the development of technology, markets and industry, which will also increase the number of customers for entrepreneurs, That's why.

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