EEG brain wave measurement & EEG brainwave enable headset "Emotiv Insight"

Using a brain wave to remotely operate things like a new type or to analyze the data obtained from the brain waves to what the user can understand is a wireless headset is "Emotiv Insight"is.

Emotiv Insight Neuroheadset

You can see what Emotiv Insight is like by watching the following movie.

Emotiv Insight - Optimize Your Brain Fitness and Performance - YouTube

This is Emotiv Insight.

Emotiv Insight can monitor large amounts of data issued by the brain, many of which are regarded as mysteries, and can extract patterns therefrom. And it is a device that can optimize the performance of the brain, measure and monitor the user's health condition and happiness, and monitor it.

It is cheap but it can measure brain performance regularly with simple usage, and it is designed to be safe for all children, adults and sick people.

The human brain is made up of neurons called neurons of more than several billion, but this neuron emits measurable electrical pulses when exchanging between neurons.Electroencephalographic examinationMeasure this electric pulse to observe the brain wave and Emotiv Insight measures brain waves with the same method and converts it to data that users can use.

Emotiv Insight has fiveEEGSensor and two collation sensors are installed, which seems to draw useful information from around the cerebral cortex.

By monitoring the brain waves and analyzing the collected values, we can improve mental aspects such as attention, interest, excitement, affinity, relaxation, etc. and help lower stress levels.

Furthermore, it is also possible to use a simple brain wave as a command, and it is possible to remotely perform operations such as "push", "draw", "floating in the air", "rotate" and so on.

Applications that use these functions are also under development, which means that they can now operate things with brain waves like this.

A man who does not touch one finger and moves a car without using a controller.

It looks like you can detect expressions such as winks and frown face, surprising face, smiling face from where you are clenching teeth.

This Emotiv InsightKickstarterSuccessfully gathering over 600,000 dollars far beyond the target amount of 100,000 dollars (about 9.63 million yen) as of August 10 (Saturday) during writing of the article while recruiting investment at doing. Emotiv Insight is able to get one for 229 dollars (about 22,000 yen), and if you add another 30 dollars (about 2900 yen) it will be possible to ship outside the US. The deadline for investing in Emotiv Insight is until 13:00 on Monday, September 16 in Japan time.

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