I tried to make egg-hung rice and egg rolls with "Yuni Egami no Yu" that would be boiled eggy just by putting on it

Even if you do not actually use eggs, whatever you sprinkle changes into boiled eggs, unlike a perishable egg dish you can bring to a picnic etc.Boiled boiled egg". Since I was able to get "boiled egg element" that calorie is low and cholesterol can be reduced unlike authentic boiled eggs, I actually made egg-hung rice and egg rolls.

I'm going to eat ~ Boiled egg eggs ~

This is the element of boiled egg.

The bag is about this size when you hold it in your hand.

If you sprinkle and sprinkle egg taste, you can enjoy raw ingredients of "Yuutama egg noodles" ...... On the other hand, looking at the back side, only one "rock salt" in raw material name.

I immediately tried out salt from the bag.

Contents amount is about 30 g.

Pink rock salt is mixed with fine and rough particles and it is slightly different from the appearance as salt which is marketed in Japan.

If you try to lick it to your fingers ...... It tastes like going out like "Boiled egg!" At the moment I put it in my mouth I feel the smell of sulfur often felt in the hot spring town, boiled eggs more than expected. In addition, it seems like eating the egg yolk which boiled until ticking.

Speaking of eggs, I cooked eggs, so I prepared soy sauce and white rice.

Sprinkle with boiled egg sauce ... ...

I will remove soy sauce.

When I tried it, firmly the egg flavor. However, rather, rather than egg-laying on raw eggs, it is close to boiling egg and soy sauce on rice, but this is an ant in this. Rice can be deliciously eaten, but it is in a state of putting salt and soy sauce on, so let's pay attention to the amount to be applied.

The moment I put it on is pretty pink ... ...

After a while it turned blue and discolored. Furthermore, there is no problem in taste.

Next, I prepared a bread roll.

Mix the ingredients of boiled egg with mayonnaise ... ...

Completion of egg roll if it fills into a roll bread with a break.

Eating a bite ... ... "Egg roll !!!". Unlike egg rice, egg roll was originally made from boiled eggs, so it was more like a real taste. Even if you try bite the bread, nothing is contained, but it is certainly a wonder that the egg roll tastes ... ....

Why is salt like eggy taste, if it says, this rock salt is caused by sulfur etc. contained as ingredients. As a result, it is a mechanism that it will become a boiled eggy taste all the time. The price is 400 yen including tax, so it should be useful when you need to keep it.

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