"Ginger" to correct English sentence according to context and "Rephrase" to convert to English native

ByJesse Moore

It checks whether the entered English sentences are correct "Ginger"Has been officially released. In this Ginger, correct the input sentence and display the practical English phrase used by the native speaker "Rephrase"Also equipped with the feature, because both browser and software version can be used for free, I actually tried using both.

Ginger English checker

First of all, I will try it from the browser version Ginger. There is a box for entering text at the bottom of the above page, so if you enter English text here, it is ok.

First I will enter the sentence "This is pen." Whose article is missing. After entering the text, click "Ginger it!"

In the space below, the corrected "This is a pen" is displayed.

"I am interested to soccer." Who makes a mistake in preposition is "I am interested in soccer".

The spelling mistake "I am going to the see." Has been correctly fixed in "I am going to the sea".

"A" of the article is included, but "I am a happy people." Whose object is "People" of uncountable noun is also converted to "I am a happy person."

Including multiple mistakes "I want go to place where every thing free." Correctly corrected as "I want to go to places everything free." Without missing the mistake.

In addition to repairing the new function Rephrase, it is said that native speakers will display natural English that is likely to be used.


When accessing the above URL, English sentence is put in the space written "Type a sentence" on the screen to be displayed.

For example, if you enter a messy sentence called "I can not English" and click "Rephrase" ...

As an alternative, "I can not understand English well", "I can not speak in English", and "I can not speak Japanese well" were presented.

"It expensive" where the verb "is" is missing is not only exactly supplemented with "is" but also includes items with "very" or "too" included as candidates.

Not only does this Rephrase simply modify it, he says that he will propose "more native English sentence candidates". When you type "classic greeting" "How are you?", Variations such as "How are you today?" And "How have you been?" Came out.

"See you later" and put it like this. In Japan, "See you later, alligator" etc. that seems not to be familiar with are displayed.

"It is cool" added adverbs that enrich expressions such as "It was really cool" and "It was pretty cool".

To the last greeting phrase "Best regards" often used at the end of the mail, etc., "Regards and best wishes" etc. are added to suggest a native-like expression.

If it is the browser version service and the "Ginger" software version which is also provided for free, the grammar proofreading function not included in the browser version comes with it. The software can be run as standalone, and it can be used as a plug-in (add-on) for Internet Explorer 8/9/10 / Firefox / Google Chrome / Safari / Microsoft Word / Microsoft Outlook / Microsoft PowerPoint.

"GingerPlease visit the site of "Please click here for free download".

Click "Save file".

After downloading, run the saved installer.

When you click "execute", Ginger's add-on will be automatically incorporated into Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Create a new mail with Gmail immediately. Enter the sentence "Hello, how are you doing?" "Helo, how are you do?"

In accordance with the sentence that entered the mouse, "Hello, how are you doing?" Was displayed in the upper part of the sentence. Clicking on this sentence ......

"Helo, how are you do?" Has been replaced with the correct "Hello, how are you doing?" This is quite useful.

Next, try using the software version "Ginger". After installation, click the shortcut "Ginger" created on the desktop.

Here is Ginger's home screen.

The usage is the same as Ginger browser version, enter English text in the space above and click "Ginger it!".

Then, the modified English text is displayed in the space below.

Grammar mistakes such as prepositions also correct this street.

There is also a paid version that can use the learning function and sentence reading function in addition to the free version for Ginger, but it was a level that could be used without any problem even with the free version.

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