A movie "FOOD WASTE A Story of Excess" that you can see well how much food is wasted in the world

When we feel hungry, you can get food anytime sooner if you go to convenience stores and fast food outlets everywhere. However, although it is convenient, there is a reality that unsold foods are thrown away, but how much food is actually being thrown away? A movie that understands such worldwide food disposal circumstances is "Food Waste - A Story of Excess"is

Food Waste - A Story of Excess - YouTube

We are on earthAll people(About 7.2 billion people in 2013), cultivate and produce a sufficient amount of food

But there are as many as 8.7 million people starving on the earth

Every year, the number of children dying of malnutrition is 2.5 million

Worldwide, the population is more than twice as large as 50 years ago

Produce more than 27% of food per person per day

Consumers in Europe and North America discard food from 210 to 250 pounds (about 103 to 114 kg) per person per year

As hundreds of people suffer from hunger, half of the foods produced in the USA are discarded due to inefficient production systems

Of the foods purchased by each in the United States, 8% of food is lost due to "production", 4% in the "food industry", 6% in "supermarkets", 15% in "restaurants" 25% discarded

The cost for disposal took about 165 billion dollars (16.5513091 trillion yen) annually and this amount is about five times the cost of overseas economic aid in the United States in 2011

Do you know? Throwing out 1 gallon (about 3.7 liter) of milk is like wasting 1,000 gallons of water

Because it is necessary to consume a lot of fresh water to make milk

To throw away foods is as good as wasting all of cultivation, production, distribution

Estimated 16% from food waste landfill sitesmethanegasEmissions

It is possible to feed 25 million people every year by preserving 15% of the food that Americans discard without discarding

"Food waste - excess stories"

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While there are foods that can be thrown away in large quantities, you can easily understand the unbalanced situation that there are people who starve to death without getting anything to eat. Despite praising the reality of global food waste disposal, it is a content that encourages each individual's awareness despite not having a slogan. Also, although this movie mainly concerns the United States, Japan is also said to be a saturated nation lined with the United States. By saving food we may become the first step to save children who die of starvation.

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