To the population of the world that continues to increase, to what level can the earth have humanity in the earth?

The population of the whole world is increasing steadily, about 7.3 billion people by 2015 and around 2100 at the end of this centuryIt reaches 11 billion peopleIt is predicted. However, in order for people to live, food, water, and energy are needed, and resources of the earth as a supplier are limited. A movie that thinks about how much the earth can possess the population to what extentHow Many People Can The Earth Hold?"Has been released.

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On the planet Earth, there is actually only limited land and it can not endlessly hold living things. Especially since the industrial revolution of the 18th century, the pace of population increase has risen sharply.

In the passage, the population of the earth is thought to reach 10 billion people by the end of the 21st century, and some scientists think that if the population increases too much it will not be able to maintain a sustainable environment I will.

The reason for this movie is based on "food" as the standard.

For breeding livestock for edible, certain land is required.

The land area used for livestock at the beginning of the 21st century is seen as 80-9 billion acres. This means that it is beyond the African continent with an area of ​​7.5 billion acres.

Likewise, the cultivated land used for grain cultivation is 4.4 billion acres, which is equivalent to the South American continent.

The problem with arable land is where the land grows thin as the cultivation continues, and the cereal removal height falls.

And it is pointed out that the worsening of the changing global environment will also cause a dark shadow to the future of grain.

If you convert the amount of carbon dioxide discharged worldwide per one population, it corresponds to 5 tons per year.

Looking at this only in the USA, the scale is 17 tons per person per year. This means that more carbon dioxide is needed to support the lives of developed countries.

If three billion people worldwide are going to live on an American level, it is inevitable that carbon dioxide emissions will increase further.

As is well known, carbon dioxide is thought to have a big influence on the global warming of the earth, so the influence on the global environment is concerned. In fact, by the end of the 21st century the average global temperature is expected to rise by 2 degrees.

As the temperature rises, the climate also has a big impact, and abnormal weather such as typhoons and heavy rain increases. Then, the production of food is also greatly adversely affected.

to solve this problem,A theory that mankind should turn into a vegetable-oriented mealAlthough it may be cast, this is actually less realistic.

It is the grounds that "Vegetarianization promotion school" shows, as it is only necessary to cultivate food on the land used for livestock production, but actually it is considered impossible to support the food of all human beings with only cereals.

According to a scientific estimate by a scientist, the upper limit of the population nourished by the grain cultivated throughout the earth is assumed to be 10 billion people.

If you look at only numerical values, you tend to think that "10 billion people are OK", but in reality there are problems of stockpiling and people who can not turn vegetarian for various reasons in the first place, so that only the cereal meal is reality It can be said that it is not realistic that it is real.

Even if you look at securing water, problems still exist. Currently, 30 percent of the water that humans enter on earth is used for people's lives and 70 percent is used for agriculture.

And, in developing countries such as Cambodia and Ethiopia there is a problem that sufficient clean water is not delivered. Therefore, in order to respond to the increasing population of the world, it is necessary to develop a system that supplies clean water, but this is not an easy thing.

In conclusion, the Earth can respond to population growth to some extent in the future, perhaps it can be said that it is a level that can handle up to the 10 billion people level ... ...

It is predicted that the actual situation will be a world that is not a good environment, such as being attacked by extraordinary weather, not having satisfactory water available, or being almost unable to eat meat.

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