Summer gifts from GIGAZINE Big project 2013 "Please take all the answers to the questionnaire"

Fireworks to celebrate to celebrate to a barbecue and swim in a trip on a trip ... ... and various events await the summer as well, but there are gifts that may make summer of summer vacation more fun We will implement release planning.

The gift this time is focused on review items done at the editorial department from spring to summer, Microsoft tablet PC "Surface ProAnd ASUS's lightweight and colorful tablet "MeMO Pad HD 7", A large-capacity battery in the shape of a dumbbone"Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version"IPhone, iPad, etc. can be substituted for credit card payment"Square leader"You can disassemble the tuna as many times as you like"Yawawa demolition figure · black tuna"Frozen fruit alone makes creamy ice-like sweets"Yonanas"Dyson's ball type vacuum cleaner"DC 48"Amazon gift vouchers, such as 14,000 yen, including 45 gifts in total.

What kind of people are reading GIGAZINE? Although it also serves as a questionnaire, it is extremely appreciated that people who answered "even if you do not need a present but can cooperate with the questionnaire!" Then, the application method and gift list etc. are from the following.

Application period
From Saturday, July 20, 2013, 00: 00 - Friday, August 2, until 23: 59.

◆ Winner announced
For the winners, since August 3 (Saturday), the mail arrives from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the email address at the time of entry, it is ok if you can reply to the address of the shipping address in the form of replying to the mail. Also, please be aware that the e-mail notification e-mail is treated as spam with high probability, and there are so many cases that it is delayed to notice that we have won the prize so much that it is messed up so please be careful. At least notice to the first prize winner arrives during August 3 (Saturday), after that the rights will be transferred to the second winner, the third winner ... ... successively unless the first winner reply It is a mechanism that moves. So, it is "after August 3 (Saturday)".

◆ Gift list
Please enter the number as "1" or "2" in "Number of gift you want" on the application page. If you do not need a gift, write "None" is okay.

It is like this when arranging all 45 gifts this time.

◆ 01: Microsoft tablet PC "Surface Pro"(1 person)
10.6 inch ClearType HD display, size about 275 × 173 × 14 mm, weighs about 907 g. The OS has Windows 8 Pro (64 bit), third generation Intel Core i 5, 4 GB RAM, with touch pen, capacity is 128 GB.


It stands like this when you stand with a stand. ClearType full HD display with resolution of 1080p is adopted.

2012/07/01 18:50 Addendum
Two kinds of keyboard are also attached to Surface Pro.

◆ 02: ASUS's lightweight and colorful tablet "ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7"(1 person)
The size is 196.8 mm × 120.6 mm × 10.8 mm, the weight is about 302 g, the display resolution is 800 × 1280 10 point multi-touch IPS liquid crystal, the rear camera is 5 million pixels. Contents The storage is 16 GB, the memory is 1 GB, the number of clocks is 1.2 GHz quad core, OS is Android 4.2.1.

Bright funky strawberry in color.

It is about this size feeling when you have it in your hand.

◆ 03:A large capacity battery for iPhone 5 times in the form of a dumbbone "Cheero Power Plus DANBOARD version"(1 person)

◆ 04: Slim fan that can be used as a fan in the summer and as a nanoi in the winter "Slim fan F - S1 XJ"(1 person)

◆ 05: transparent ice with few air bubbles can be made and objects can be placed inside "To ice"(1 person)

This kind of feeling makes a cool ice.

◆ 06: "Dodo Doo" "Gogogo" "Ah" a type ice making type "Manga ice"(1 person)

◆ 07: Recording of operation screen of iPhone · iPad etc can be easily done "AVT-C 127"(2 people)

◆ 08: You can carry it anywhere Your own whiteboard "NUboard (Nu Board)"(1 person)

There are three sizes, from small one to new book, A4 size, A3 type deformed type.

◆ 09: Aluminum made of SF ticky design which can press the point without putting too much force "Collinette"(1 person)

◆ 10: Ray Asuka · Unit 1 · Mark.06 will protect the razorFigure stand set(4 pieces 1 set · 1 person)
Ayanami Rei, Shikinami · Asuka · Langley, EVA first machine, Mark.06 each 1 figure figure stand with 4 beard sled sets.

Each product comes with a large base and figure.

◆ 11: Only frozen fruits can make creamy ice-like sweets "Yonanas"(1 person)

Like this, Ice creamy sweets can be made in no time.

◆ 12: Automatically transfer images taken with a digital camera to smartphone immediately wirelesslyEye-Fi card 01"(1 person)

Photos taken with the camera are transferred to the smartphone on the spot, making editing and management easier.

◆ 13: I can make ice candy of triple size by turning Chupa Chaps at high speed "Funny ice candy Chupa Chaps"(1 person)

The body looks like this.

◆ 14: USB 3.0 connection display allowing easy dual monitor environment to be created "Plus one"(1 person)

◆ 15: You can disassemble tuna as many times as you like "Yawawa demolition figure · black tuna"(1 person)

◆ 16: Speakers of retro radio cassette designs that can be made by cardboard "Berlin Boombox"(1 person)

◆ 17: Optimize the temperature of drinks with chilled stonesRox"(1 person)

◆ 18: Rolling mud dango just to make it shiny "Corpica dumpling production kit"(1 person)

◆ 19: As with sports cars, you can push up on the lid to take out business cards "FLIP"(1 person)

◆ 20: iPhone and iPad can be substituted for credit card payment "Square leader"(1 person)

◆ 21: The first assembly ever in history "Big Tham Tofu"Case(1 person)
The tofu itself is not contained, only the case. please note that.

◆ 22: Adult science magazine where the pattapata clock and radio clock went togetherPatapata radio clock"(1 person)

◆ 23: Model of a mobile base station with a small palm size "Radio Tower B ~ Mobile Phone Antenna ~"(1 person)

◆ 24: Alphabet iPhone 5 case that makes it possible to install tripods and lights "RECTA CAM"(1 person)

◆ 25: Famima limited to Hatsune Miku vinyl umbrella "Bini umbrella Hatsune Miku"(3 sets / 1 person)

◆ 26: Rainbow color that Android droids can also be a glove compartment "Android Mini Rainbow Set"(1 person)

◆ 27: Steve Jobs doll made quite elaborate "1/6 scale Steve Jobs"(1 person)

◆ 28: Stand supporting various size devices from iPhone to iPad "Mika"(1 person)

Actually using it looks like the following.

◆ 29: Four types of charging and communication cables that also bend and bend to stand "Metal USB Flexible Cable"(1 set of 3 types)

Because 60 cm of Lightning charging cable has broken terminals, it is 3 types of 20 cm Lightning charging cable, 60 cm Apple Dock charging cable, MicroUSB charging cable.

◆ 30: Vacuum cleaner that became smaller and still quiet as it isDC 48"(1 person)

◆ 31: Protective film that is okay even if attacked with a hammer or kitchen knife "BUFF Ultra Impact Absorption ProtectorVer.2.0 for iPhone 5(1 person)
It is a set of 2 pieces of iPhone 5 film uploaded to Ver.2.0.

The display will not be destroyed even if you hit it like this.

◆ 32: Protective film that is okay even if attacked with a hammer or kitchen knife "BUFF Ultra Impact Absorption Protector Ver.2.0"2 pieces for iPhone 4 & 4S(1 person)

◆ 33: Protective film that is okay even if attacked with a hammer or kitchen knife "BUFF Ultra Impact Absorption Protector Ver.2.0"2 pieces for GALAXY S4(1 person)

◆ 34: Ultra thin and stylish folding type nail clipper "Twin S Nail Clipper"(1 person)

◆ 35: Reprinted version of the dragonfly pencil and MONO eraser of 1928 appeared on the appendix "Tonbos pencil complete book"(1 person)

It is with bonus pencils and MONO eraser of the current version.

◆ 36: Star shaped donuts in the shape of the star Calp × Missed "Collaboration donut & drinkThree glasses of glasses + 3 pieces of muddle(1 person)

French wooler is attached to pink muddler, pon de lion is attached to light muddler.

◆ 37:MoscafeOpening memorial color pencil + handbag set(1 person)

◆ 38: Game software for PlayStation 3 "God of War: Ascension"(1 person)

♦ 39: Traveling the world 20 years after a massive infection occurred when a man with a girl was attacked by a mysterious fungus and attackedPlayStation 3For game software "The Last of UsOriginal goods(1 person)
Set in a box with sense of grunge.

Besides T - shirts, there are stainless mug cups, first aid kit cans, dry batteries, swabs, batteries, flashlights, whistles & reflection straps that can be used in emergency situations.

◆ 40: Anime set(1 person)
"My sister can not be this cute.Opening supervision cut cut duplicate ticket holder + ordinary entrance ticket 4 piece set +Lumicolite+NaSuBi pearl+Masked Rider x Super Sentai x Space Detective Super Heroes Battle ZTheater version original visitor gift + "Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet"Blu-ray (recorded in 1st and 2nd story) + 4 clear files +Fate / ZeroPostcard + Movie version Dragon Ball gift present + 3 pearl brochures + "I'm ready, Azazel. Z"1 volume Blu-ray is set.

◆ 41: MissedHello Kitty DonutExtra, Hello Kitty Earphone Jack Cover(1 person)

It is like this when turned on iPhone 5.

♦ 42:Inko Ice flavored like a parakeetTemari cafe that sells Poco Forest insulated bag(1 person)

◆ 43:LINE CHARACTER Soft Vinyl Collection"Brown"(1 person)

Behind the scenes.

Compared with the iPhone 5, this is about this size.

◆ 44:Nico Nico Super Conference 2Poster 2 + 2nd Shogi Deno 2 Poster + Rice Cooker + Shimanoji + Yunomi + Bag + Tyrolec Chocolate Case + Metamo Mug Cup + 2nd Shogi Den Ten Ten Tenuguu + niconico Sticker (Kitchen) + Bead Cushion + Hiroyuki Mug Cup + Hiroyuki can badge 10 pieces + 6 stickers + banner + mouse pad 7 types + Nico Nico large conference 2008 Winter interview booklet etc.Dwangoset(1 person)

◆ 45: Amazon Gift Certificate 14,000 Yen(1 person)
A gift certificate for 2000 yen is a set of 7 pieces.

In addition, if it is not selected by lottery, further "Loser Revival Award"As a secretly starting secret from today"GIGAZINE secret club"Gold member 3 month free right etc. may get hit by a further lottery.

"GIGAZINE secret club"What is it like? Is born from the idea of ​​so-called" how to do a de-advertisement model? ", And at the end of thinking variously," Because it is a ad-advertisement model, if the charge is not charged, the continuation of the article Let's not make it a model that does not adversely affect existing readers more positively rather than irritating pay-wall models that can not be read "and so on.It's a de-advertising model, so please disappear!It is made up of a marvelous theory that "it is.

Basically it is for enthusiastic and heavy GIGAZINE readers who "I want to support by donating and always supporting because I am reading GIGAZINE", and in Japan it is a lot of things to have donated money in various ways It is troublesome, so that it is a feeling that it is a reminder that "I will erase the advertisement!" With a privilege,Application is hereso,FAQ hereIt is in

So, at the moment, it is a simple thing that "advertisement disappears when logging in, it took 5 seconds or 10 seconds to display the page, shrinking to 1 second level and becoming explosive speed"Significant discount until the end of JulySo, if you become a Gold Member now and support GIGAZINE, it will be OK at a cheaper discount price ~. In the case of a platinum member who goes all at once in a year, the mechanism that "right to participate in GIGAZINE official official party" can be obtained as a top priority. It is for heavy readers who read GIGAZINE every day and hide advertisements, so I'm narrowing down to saying "When the ad disappears it's a bomb!" In the future, we plan to install secret functions of only diverse members, mainly on functions that were requested in the gift application form (functions other than disappearing advertisements are being secretly implemented).

Also alreadyLast gift articleMembers who enthusiastically participated in the beta test as "Sorry Awards", and members who have worked enthusiastically and provided feedback so far can continue to use that free for a while for a while and various future after lectures I am going to show you the guide. About the story "What is the next lecture?", Actually this fall around autumn - winterGIGAZINE secret clubIt is supposed to somewhere a mysterious lecture on the start (what is a secret, what kind of reasoning made this thinking, etc.), and these various event guidance secretly secretly quietly on GIGAZINE It will be announced somewhere in the article of.

GIGAZINE.NET gift application form
※ The deadline. Thank you for many applications

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