It turned out that IQ test can not measure decisive power and rational thinking ability influencing decision making

ByEmilio Garcia

The standard IQ test contains many problems and insists that it is insufficient as a test to evaluate the high thinking abilityUniversity of TorontoProfessor Keith Stanovich of Human Development Studies and Applied Psychology Assist in Scientific Research and DevelopmentThe John Templeton FoundationWe began developing the world's first RQ test three years ago with financial assistance from the company.


Professor Stanovich says, "IQ tests defined by cognitive scientists are not a means to directly evaluate rational ideas, so it is necessary to have an RQ test to measure rational thinking power." Professor Stanovitch said that he is based on the theory he is advocating by Daniel Kerneman, a psychologist and behavioral economist who won the Nobel prize in 2002.

ByWorld Economic Forum

"How can human judgment out of many possibilitiesheuristicMr. Kerneman's research on the agenda of agenda on the agenda of "Why do you choose a shortcut?" Has influenced a wide range of fields, among which the basic structure of human cognitive power is related to human's rational thinking ability, There is a tendency to induce mistakes in judgment and decision-making, "the theory attracted attention.

Mr. Kerneman's research team found that there is a difference in judgment and decision making mistakes among individuals. What is to say is that there are variations in each person's characteristics of cognitive ability related to rational thinking abilities.

ByMary Crandall

In general IQ tests are often thought to be able to measure human thinking ability and scientists and civilians tend to believe that thinking power includes judgment and decision-making power There is. Mr. Kerneman definesThinking powerHe received praise at the Nobel Prize, but Mr. Carneman meansThinking powerThe element that measures is not included in the IQ test. High intelligence that can be measured with IQ does not mean that you can think reasonably rich thoughts and actions.

Also, despite having a high level of intelligence in the world, professor Stanovitch named it "dysrationalic" because it can not act rationally thoughtfully. Professor Stanovich says George W. Bush of the 43rd President of the United States has a strong tendency to dysrationalic.


Then what is the result of irrational thinking and behavior? Professor Stanovitch argues that there are the following disadvantages if it can not do reasonable thinking and action.

· The physician applies low-effective treatment
· People underestimate danger
· Information is misused in court proceedings
· Government and private industries push projects that do not require large amounts of funds
· Parents who are not vaccinated by children
· Unnecessary surgery
· Animals killed towards extinction

In order to avoid such a problem, Professor Stovovich says that RQ testing rather than IQ test should be done in parallel because it will require rational thinking skills to make appropriate decisions. According to the professor, reasonable thinking abilities are not born one by nature, but can be trained like intelligence.

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