The first Osaka king general founding founder 's first menu "Niba Sanka Soba & Chicken Cut & Meat Charcoal" Tasting Review for 15 consecutive months

Osaka kingCommemorates the 45th anniversary of its founding in 2014, we will conduct a "festival festival" to introduce limited-time products for 3 months each month for 15 consecutive months from July 2013 to September 2014. As a first step of it, the Reprint menu "Braised Chinese noodles"Chicken cutlet"Meat bakedWe began offering from Tuesday, July 9, so we went to eat.

45th anniversary founding festival held! "Reprint menu" first bullet!

I arrived at the Osaka king in the late afternoon.

It is an open making that you can directly see the place to make and bake dumplings over the glass.

When entering the store, the announcement of this founding festival was posted as Baan.

We ordered 3 kinds of new products and waited for about 10 minutes. The back is "Niboshi Chinese noodle (490 yen including tax)", the left front is "Chicken cutlet (490 yen including tax)", the right front is "Meat grilling (560 yen including tax)".

Naruto is on the stewed Chinese noodles and looks like old-fashioned Chinese noodles. Slight fragrance of fish is drifting.

In addition to Naruto, the ingredients are orthodox combinations with onion, chashued and menma.

I feel like a scent of boiling from the oil film stuck on the surface of the soup. To eat it at once.

It is becoming one trend in the ramen worldBoiled ramenIt does not mean that the taste of intense boiled eggs like, but the old fashioned Chinese soba soup which took the dash around the chicken gala is blended with seafood soup stocked mainly on boiling, a little nostalgic taste . Noodles are not particularly characteristic, but compatibility of medium and fine noodles and soup is also good.

As a ramen of 490 yen, it is satisfactory quality.

Continue to chicken cutlet. Cabbage and sunny lettuce and mayonnaise are topped with chicken cutlets on the sauce.

There is only as explained in the menu "Bobbie sauce" and the whole chicken cutlet is soaked with Worcester sauce plenty.

While chicken cutlet is soaked in sauce, thin clothing is crispy so you can enjoy the texture. The taste of chicken is light, it seems to be good to eat while drinking rice and alcohol around the taste of sauce. However, the source is "rich sweet sauce", but it was a more refreshing impression than being strong sweet.

Since I get tired of having the same taste from the beginning to the end, it seems to be good to eat with vegetables or mayonnaise to change the taste.

Finally I ordered meat meat disposal. Fried rice with stamina with fried pork belly on it on fried rice usually sold by Osaka king. Egg soup also comes with a set.

Looking from the side like this. Raw meat burned on the fried rice is served.

60 grams of pork belly is on top of the fried rice topped with noodles. Pepper and other ingredients enter the pork belly, it has a sweet scent. I will eat it with fried rice immediately

Since fried rice has already been tasted, the salt content of the pork belly sauce is diluted but sugar, miso, pepper, garlic etc. are included and miso taste is mainly used, so we eat fried rice with pork loose meat And the impression has changed a lot. Pigs are using roses and a little bit of fat content, but it seems to be rather good when you want to eat Gatsuri.

Chinese-style egg soup comes with the set. A savory taste just good to let you refresh your mouth because your mouth will be greasy if you eat meat baking for a long time. Especially meat baking is somewhat heavy so it may be just right to eat while drinking this soup.

Three items were released in the form of the first time in Osaka's time limited menu this time, "Chicken Leba Stamina Yakisoba" and "Pork Vegetable Bowl" are scheduled next month, the 45 th anniversary festival festival It seems that the restoration menu newly appears for a limited time one after another this year of the previous year of the year. People who have a menu that I liked with Osaka king in the past, it is a necessity check because the reprint menu is sold every month this fiscal year.

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