Haagen-Dazs a long-awaited ice cream bar revival "crunchy crunch" series 2 items taste review

Crepe Glasse · Crispy Sand · Mini Cup was the mainstay and the ice cream bar which had been discontinued several years ago has revived on Monday, 10th June. This time it is a series called "Cruchy Crunch" based on the concept of "Gutsuri, boldly to rich", I buy it as soon as I feel that it is feeling crispy with a sense of volume and trying to eat it I decided to decide.

Crunch - Crunch | Haagen Dazs
Haagen-Dazs http://www.haagen-dazs.co.jp/crunchy_crunch/

The top is "Caramel Macadamia Nuts" and the bottom is "Triple Chocolate Cookie", including tax of 273 yen.

The caramel macadamia nut package looks like this. The size of the package is close to the crepe glasse series.

Caramel coaching with macadamia nut on the surface, caramel ice cream in the middle ice.

The cream is written at the very beginning of the raw material, it can be seen that it is a rich creation. Because I bought it in Kansai, I am manufacturingSANTA CORPORATION.

Nutrition information table. Calories are 277 kcal and there is not much difference compared with 267 kcal of mini cup vanilla.

When opening the paper package it looks like this.

It is wrapped in a vinyl package just like Crepe Glasse. I also try opening the vinyl package.

When opening and caramel macadamia nut in hand, it is slightly smaller, the content is 80 ml.

For caramel coaching on the surface, you can check macadamia nuts.

Characters of Haagen Dazs are engraved on the stick.

Compared with iPhone 5, the vertical length is short.

There are some crunchy crunches in thickness slightly.

I will eat it at once.

Macadamia Nut is an image of American high-calorie sweets, but when eating it does not feel macadamia nut strongly so far, the taste that caramel, macadamia nuts, ice milk fat content became a trinity without overhanging any one. The taste of caramel was released in Haagen DazsVanilla puddingYaMelty caramelAlthough weak, Macadamia nuts are used only for the coaching part, but by the time we finish eating, feeling like a feeling after eating too much pistachio and beans etc is as heavy as a person (editing member Iwaku "Iwa Tasted" Why do not you eat such a heavy thing around your nose?

Followed by triple chocolate cookie

Chocolate cooking with chocolate cookie wraps chocolate ice, and furthermore chocolate sauce enters in ice cream.

Chocolate can be confirmed for raw materials.

Calories are 258 kcal, slightly less than caramel macadamia nuts.

When opening it vertically it looks like this.

Chocolate chips and chocolate coaching mixed with each other, you can see small chocolate chips that are in the form of particles.

I will eat it at once.

Unlike caramel macadamia nuts, the ice cream is somewhat hardened and the cookie is crispy. Because the sweetness is not strong so much, the taste of chocolate is strong, so it is thick like cocoa, which is thicker, and the top class' s heavy feeling with ice cream on the market. Haagen-DazsCookies & CreamAlthough a moist cookie is contained, the cookie entering this chocolate coaching is crispy crispy texture. I also feel the weight around the nose to eat till the end.

In the layer of chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce is included to raise the sense of profoundness. Ice has become quite a bit strange as the concept is.

It is close to the feeling of the ice cream bar of Haagen Dazs which had been released before, so it should be OK if you like that.

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